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Which Holmgren-era Seahawks should join Walter Jones in the Ring of Honor

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Hasselbeck talks with Holmgren Photo by Otto Greule/Getty Images

In October, the Seattle Seahawks franchise posthumously inducted former owner Paul Allen as the 12th member of the Ring of Honor. Allen joined Steve Largent (1989), Jim Zorn (1991), Dave Brown (1992), Pete Gross (1992), Curt Warner (1994), Jacob Green (1995), Kenny Easley (2002), Dave Krieg (2004), Chuck Knox (2005), Cortez Kennedy (2006) and Walter Jones (2014).

Jones was inducted into the Ring of Honor the same year he was selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, five years removed from his final season in 2009. Kenny Easley was the only player to wait more than 10 years beyond their final NFL game to gain entry in the exclusive club and it was at Paul Allen’s direction that no former Seahawks would get in until Easley was added.

With Allen now in as the 12th member, it feels like it’s time to add more players from the Mike Holmgren-era team that brought Seattle it’s first NFC Championship. Alistair Corp joined the Field Gulls podcast to discuss his recent article on Shaun Alexander’s 2005 MVP season and to talk about the obvious names that would be up for consideration as well as some who should also be considered.

Mike Holmgren has now waited longer than Chuck Knox after he coached his final game in the NFL. Mack Strong’s injury in 2007 ended his ability to eclipse Joe Nash’s regular season record of 218 games played in a Seahawks uniform. Strong finished his career with 201 games, but 200 games plus an All-Pro wasn’t enough for Nash to make it in either. Two players who are still inside 10 years from their final NFL snap are Matt Hasselbeck and Marcus Trufant.

Tune into the podcast as Alistair and I talk about who we would consider putting into the Ring of Honor from the era and discuss which five players we like to earn Hall of Fame honors on Saturday. Alistair also shares some stories that didn’t make it into his article about Alexander’s 2005 season.

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