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Quandre Diggs and Jadeveon Clowney are going to tough it out for the playoff run

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Quandre Diggs and Jadeveon Clowney have officially been cleared to play on Sunday for the Seattle Seahawks’ first playoff game in 2020.

This is crucial for a team with a questionable defense and a shredded running back room as they try to take on Carson Wentz, who can apparently throw the ball to anybody with arms.

Clowney did not play in the first game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and it was a very close eight point victory for Seattle. Diggs did play, and turned in his second consecutive game with a turnover since taking the field for the Seahawks.

Both are easily two of the most important players for Seattle’s ability to hang with any opposing offense.

Especially Quandre Diggs.

Here are some simple facts:

  • Seattle turnovers in Diggs’ five games: 16.
  • Seattle turnovers in every game he did not play (12 games): 16.
  • Games without Diggs in which there were zero defensive turnovers: Three.
  • Games with Diggs in which there were zero defensive turnovers: None.
  • The defensively worst game against the run was Diggs’ first absence against the Arizona Cardinals.
  • The worst game by defensive expected points was Diggs’ second absence against the 49ers.
  • Four of Seattle’s five losses came without Diggs.

To be fair, Clowney essentially single handedly defeated the undefeated San Francisco 49ers in Week 10. But he’s been hampered by his core and has been ineffective at times.

Meanwhile, the turnover differential with and without Diggs is undeniable. He’s simply that much of a difference maker, which makes the Detroit Lions that much more of a dummy for giving him up.

Philadelphia’s best offensive weapon in Zach Ertz has gone through the whole spectrum of play likelihood, but now is trending more likely. It makes Diggs’ presence all the more important.

He’ll still be somewhat limited (you ever hurt your ankle and tried to do anything besides walk from your car to the office?), but like I always say: 75% of Quandre Diggs is ten times better than 150% of Lano Hill on Hill’s best day giving 110% effort.

I say it all the time.

Back to football: It’s really difficult to beat a team twice in the same season. Or maybe it’s not. What is for certain is that nobody really knows if it’s hard to beat a team twice or not; people just like to talk about it.

So think of this game as a fresh start. Except for about a third of each roster has changed.

But Clowney is the most important piece on the line, just like Bobby Wagner is the most important piece in the middle and Diggs is the most important piece in the secondary. I suppose some of that is debatable, but I would debate on the pro side.

If they’re all on the field, the sky’s the limit.

All the way up to 18th in the NFL by DVOA.