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Remember that Game Podcast: Seahawks-Falcons 2012 Divisional Round

NFL: JAN 14 NFC Divisional Playoff - Seahawks at Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It was a little over a year ago that Thomas Emerick did me a favor and was generous enough with his time to do a Q&A with Field Gulls regarding one of his areas of expertise, offensive line continuity. Recently he decided to go ahead and call in the favor that I owed to him, and as such I guested on his new podcast, the Remember That Game Podcast. He had me on to discuss the 2012 Divisional Round Playoff game between the then upstart Seattle Seahawks at the Atlanta Falcons, including the Seattle comeback, followed by the Atlanta comeback and more.

You can listen to him stump me with some trivia regarding the game and the coaching staffs involved, as well as go over his takes on how Falcons head coach Mike Smith may have set the team up for failure by playing starters in Week 17. In any case, it’s a quick listen and you can enjoy reminiscing about a game that was painful at the time, but which showed the foundation of a team on the verge of dominating the following year.