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FanPulse, Divisional Round: Seahawks fans have higher confidence levels than Packers fans

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Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The latest FanPulse results are here, and so are the return of the graphics!

Last week, Seattle Seahawks fans were seemingly encouraged even after the agonizing defeat to the San Francisco 49ers to close out the regular season. Confidence rose from 28% up to 58%, which shows that some losses (like the injury-riddled, terrible display against the Arizona Cardinals) are “better” than others.

After beating the Philadelphia Eagles 17-9 to advance to the NFC Divisional Round, our polling shows respondents have had their confidence restored nearly to the same mark as prior to the Cardinals game; a 20% jump puts us at 78% and 9th among SBN NFL team sites.

We have not reached 90% since before the regular season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals. I can see that slump coming to an end if they beat the Packers at Lambeau Field for the first time since 1999.

Speaking of the Packers, you may be surprised to find out that despite a 13-3 record and the potential for home field advantage throughout the rest of the playoffs — we may be both rooting for the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday — they are only at 65% confidence entering this Sunday.

What could it be? Is it the offensive struggles? Aaron Rodgers’ inaccuracy? The lack of quality wide receivers outside of Davante Adams? A suspect run defense? Close wins against bad teams? Long-term worries about Rodgers’ successor? Whatever factors are at play here, Seahawks fans have more confidence in the direction of their franchise than Packers fans do.

Lastly, our national question of the week was centered around which upset was more shocking. Unsurprisingly, the Minnesota Vikings eliminating the New Orleans Saints easily won over the Tennessee Titans bouncing the New England Patriots.

By the way, you want to know what losing another heartbreaker in the playoffs can do to a team? New Orleans Saints fans had 100% confidence entering the Vikings game... now it’s at 40% heading into the offseason.

Don’t forget that you can signup to be a FanPulse voter! Get involved in the votes! This was an idea that started right here at Field Gulls with Kenneth Arthur, so be a part of the action!