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Marshawn Lynch is enjoying himself during his second stint with the Seahawks

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Among Seahawks on the Super Bowl XLVIII winning team, perhaps no one outside Russell Wilson has a higher approval rating than Marshawn Lynch. Though Lynch remained a fan favorite before his retirement and after his subsequent return with the Raiders, the way his time in Seattle ended was... well, as enigmatic as Lynch always has been.

There were the infamous media day press conferences, his brief and repetitive sessions with local media, and of course the drama prior to the Seahawks playoff win over the Vikings in 2016, when Lynch didn’t get on the team’s plane.

Nobody inside or outside the organization ever spoke poorly of Lynch, nor did Lynch speak poorly of Seattle, but it seemed like a split was healthy for both sides.

Evidently, time has been good for Lynch and the Seahawks, because if the clips the public are privy to are any indication, the iconic tailback is having a blast during his second go-round with Seattle.

The first indication we saw of this refreshed Lynch was during an All Access clip from Week 17, when he assumed the mentor role he filled so well throughout his career:

Despite the regular season finale ending in a loss, Lynch was in good spirits. Against the Eagles, those good spirits bordered on jubilation:

Lynch was a great teammate and mentor on the Seahawks from 2010-2015, whether it was pulling himself from games to allow the other running backs to get snaps, or somehow managing to be the bridge between both sides of an occasionally fractured locker room.

Seattle’s legendary running back is back on the Seahawks and just like the fans at home, he is enjoying every moment of it.