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Shaquem Griffin turned down 3 teams to remain with the Seahawks

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Shaquem Griffin, practice squad hero and savior of the Seattle Seahawks pass rush, is here to stay.

At least, as long as he has any say in it.

This would have happened back in early September, when Seattle broke the hearts of many by cutting Griffin before the 53-man roster deadline. Apparently, as many as three teams wanted Griffin (obviously to lead their team in QB pressures and into postseason glory) but he declined.

These reports have been circulating from followers of the other teams as well.

It’s yet another in a fantastically long list of athletes who very intentionally come to or stay in Seattle because it’s special. Obviously, in this case Griffin has his twin brother, whom he said was instrumental in helping him calm down after being initially released.

Shaquem Griffin was promoted last week and played high-level defense in the last couple of drives against the Dallas Cowboys. Earlier this week, Pete Carroll promised that we would see Griffin again “this weekend.”

Griffin has yet to be elevated this week or outright promoted to the 53 man roster, but continues to do everything right in his quest to remain a Seahawk.