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Seahawks stun Vikings with astonishing 27-26 comeback victory

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

UNREAL! The Seattle Seahawks are 5-0!

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense had nothing going in the 1st half and were struggling mightily. The defense was getting chewed up on the ground. Then a three-touchdown stretch in the 3rd quarter turned a 13-0 deficit into a 21-13 lead. Back came Kirk Cousins, Adam Thielen, Alexander Mattison, and the Minnesota Vikings (1-4) to take a 26-21 lead. Wilson threw a devastating interception that would’ve surely been game over. Minnesota was stymied on 4th and inches at the Seahawks’ 6 and left Wilson with 94 yards and a chance to win the game. Wilson and DK Metcalf delivered on a 4th and goal TD with 15 seconds left for a shocking 27-26 win.

As poorly as the defense played at times, they created two turnovers and Benson Mayowa ended the game with a strip-sack of Kirk Cousins. Wilson threw for three touchdown passes, two of them to Metcalf who officially arrived as an NFL superstar.

1st Half

The Vikings got the ball first and took up six minutes of clock and on a 12-play, 77-yard drive they found the end zone on an 8-yard touchdown run by Dalvin Cook. Key plays included a 4th and 2 conversion from Kirk Cousins to Justin Jefferson, as well as a 3rd and 11 conversion from Cousins to Chad Beebe. 7-0 Vikings.

Seattle had a good opening drive going before a Damien Lewis false start led to 2nd and 13. Russell Wilson got sacked out of field goal range and the give-up draw led to a punt from Minnesota’s 37. Minnesota went on a 17-play, 64-yard drive after being backed up at their own 2. Dan Bailey drilled the 52-yarder to extend the lead. 10-0 Vikings.

The Seahawks offense just royally sucked. Wilson kept getting sacked and the defense actually did well enough to hold Minnesota to only three more points the rest of the half. 13-0 Vikings.

2nd Half

Seattle’s opening 2nd half drive was a horrible three-and-out of Chris Carson runs, but the Vikings couldn’t capitalize. A good punt return by David Moore led the Seahawks to a 4-play, 58-yard drive that ended in a 19-yard wheel route touchdown from Russell Wilson to Will Dissly. 13-7 Seahawks.

Kirk Cousins was ruled to have thrown an incomplete pass on 3rd and 17 but Damontre’ Moore was credited with a forced fumble and KJ Wright with the clear recovery at the Minnesota 15. Had it not been ruled dead, he would’ve had a TD. Instead, that touchdown went to DK Metcalf on a diving grab in the end zone. 14-13 Seahawks.

The problems were compounded for Minnesota when KJ Wright made an incredible one-handed interception for another turnover. One play later, Chris Carson made Harrison Smith his son and took him for a ride for a 29-yard score. 21-13 Seahawks. THREE TOUCHDOWNS IN TWO MINUTES. 21-13 Seahawks.

Unfortunately, Quinton Dunbar limped off due to injury and Tre Flowers immediately came in and gave up a catch and 15-yard helmet shot penalty. Adam Thielen worked Shaquill Griffin throughout the drive on his way to a touchdown. Kirk Cousins could not score on the two-point conversion. 21-19 Seahawks.

Seattle drove into Minnesota territory and had deep shot opportunities to David Moore and DK Metcalf that just missed. The Seahawks punted on 4th and 7 from the 40 and the Vikings were pinned inside their 5. You can only imagine that the Vikings had a lengthy drive that took up well over eight minutes of clock and ended in a touchdown to Adam Thielen yet again. 26-21 Vikings with 7:08 to go.

Russell WIlson threw a terrible interception to Eric Wilson in an effort to give Seattle the lead back. Chris Carson was already out of bounds so he couldn’t be the first one to catch it. And Minnesota continued to run it down Seattle’s throats with Alexander Mattison and Mike Boone. With a 4th and inches at the Seattle 6, the Vikings went for it and got STUFFED. Mattison could not make it.

94 yards to go with 1:57 and one timeout for Russ. Wilson scrambles for 17 yards on 1st and 10. Incomplete pass to Moore on 1st and 10. 2nd and 10 throw to Moore is incomplete again with 1:27 to go. Incomplete on 3rd and 10 on a virtual throwaway. 4th and 10 and game on the line... METCALF WITH THE CATCH AT THE VIKINGS’ 38! Deep shot to Metcalf incomplete with 69 seconds left. Floater to Lockett is caught at the 21-yard line with exactly a minute to go. Throwaway on 1st and 10. Slant to Metcalf to the 6-yard line! Clock still ticking with :42 and counting. Off of Lockett’s hands with :28 left. DROPPED BY METCALF IN THE END ZONE! :24 to go. Incomplete on 3rd and goal. Here we go on 4th and goal... Seattle uses its last timeout. Now here we go... TOUCHDOWN TO DK METCALF WITH :15 LEFT!!! Two-point conversion no good. 27-26 Seahawks with :15 left.

From their own 25, Kyle Rudolph with his first catch of the game gains 11 yards and there’s :10 left. Benson Mayowa hits Cousins’ arm and this is a fumble and the Seahawks WIN THE GAME! 27-26 SEAHAWKS FINAL!

Seahawks injury report

DB Quinton Dunbar suffered cramps throughout the game and was in and out of the lineup.

DT Anthony Rush missed the 2nd half with a knee injury.

Next opponent

The Seahawks are off next week and return to action on Sunday, October 25th at the Arizona Cardinals (3-2). Kickoff time is 1:05 PM PT on FOX.