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Russell Wilson, Seahawks don’t let rain stop their cookout

Only one team is undefeated and has as many wins as fingers. I’ll give you one guess who it is

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are 5-0.

In this weird-ass season, contained within the weirdest-ass year of your life, it could have gone no other way. No other outcome is more of a practical joke on conventional football, Pete Carroll, and the entire NFL.

As Russell Wilson continues to punk-cook all opponents, dishing to not one but two bona fide WR1s, the Seattle defense spends most of the game bending, bending, bending, then bending some more. Seahawks defenders flail and fail, until, against all odds, one of them saves the game with a farfetched effort.

It’s all so... preposterous. We’re not living in a simulation (probably), but if we were, that would explain how unreal 2020 has felt, in a football sense.

Now, the bye. A chance to take stock of the first five games, to get a two-time All-Pro healthy, to make everyone quarantine because I WILL NOT LET COVID19 END THIS YEAR PREMATURELY. (Despite my wrong, wrong, wrong assessment of the situation back in May.)

Wilson remains on track to put up historic numbers for the season, despite bad-looking interceptions in the last two games. He leads the league in passing yards, once Dak Prescott is removed from the list. Get better soon, Dak.

Wilson leads the same league, a national one of football, in passer rating, and of course passing touchdowns. If there’s a Triple Crown of pigskin with yards, scores and rating, it’s there for the taking this year, for the best quarterback in the league, the man you want under center with 1:54 left, needing a touchdown to win.

Wilson’s last two games are his poorest. Against the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings, he went:

44-66-577-5-2 with 8.7 yards/attempt and a passer rating of 106.3. Yet when you extrapolate those “bad-game” numbers to a whole season, he still sets new personal bests in completions, attempts, yards and touchdowns, while exceeding his career QB rating.

Wilson’s dry spells are what many of us used to think of as his ceiling.

The LRC tracker continues. It’s the one thing this year you CAN count on.

Let Russ Cook Tracker, Week 5

Stat 2019 2020 goal 2020 to date Grade (cumulative)
Stat 2019 2020 goal 2020 to date Grade (cumulative)
Neutral downs passing 51-49 55-45 68-32 A+++
2nd and long rushes 61/166, 37% Below 25% 8/36, 22% A
Designed RW runs 11-31-0 Use him earlier 5-71-0 A
4th & short past midfield 6/25, 26% Above 26% 3/6, 50% A

Straight A’s. The fourth-down conversion to DK Metcalf on the magical drive doesn’t count as trusting Russ beyond midfield because they were necessities, and there were more than five yards to go anyway. Wilson’s intentional running continues to track ahead of last year in frequency, effectiveness and timing. Like I said: a perfect report card. How boring. How wonderfully boring.

Last week we discussed how only the Kansas City Chiefs were more pass-heavy on neutral downs in neutral game state. The graphic, it has been updated.

Literally nothing left to say about that, except what is happening even, so, moving on. Seeing a little movement in the tracker on second downs. In their nine Week 5 opportunities, the Seahawks chose pass eight times. They finally got under the 25 percent threshold. Literally every challenge I set forth for them has been met. Thanks for reading, Pete.

What’s most interesting to me, though, is that Seattle ball carriers have averaged 6.9 yards on second down and long, en route to being the third-most prolific yard-getters in the league on second down. It’s not hurting the series to run as much as it could, and they’re doing it less often anyway. A perfect storm, really. Which makes sense:

Eleven days until the next game gives Russ plenty of time to sit at home and order pizza. Because it’s no longer a question of whether Pete and Schotty will let Russ cook. It’s now a question of how frickin’ much, and on the menu after the bye are the demons of Glendale and the Arizona Cardinals.