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Seahawks need Jamal Adams to be the second-half hero he’d been before with the Jets

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jamal Adams is back!

Well, technically, it’s too early for those pesky practice injury reports, but the assumption is that Adams is close to returning. Coach Pete Carroll did his usual coach speak on the matter Monday afternoon, indicating that Adams will return when he’s ready and can go for the long haul.

But after sitting out Weeks 4-5, and a third week for rest due to the bye, it’s evident this team needs him back. The only comfortable win this season has been when Adams, Quinton Dunbar, Shaquill Griffin, and Quandre Diggs were all on the field together. That was Week 1 against the Atlanta Falcons.

If Adams is indeed able to play, it’s just in time for the stars to align and Adams to bring the full force of his maximum impact to the Seattle Seahawks. Two things play out in the weeks ahead. First, it’s the hardest section of Seattle’s schedule, by a landslide. Second, it will take us into the second third of the season, which has historically been Adams’ best.


Here’s a small breakdown. Last season, after Week 6, Jamal Adams had:

  • 7 of his 10 Tackles for Loss
  • All 6.5 of his sacks
  • 12 of his 13 QB hits
  • Both of his forced fumbles, and his one fumble recovery for touchdown


Two years ago, after Week 6, Jamal Adams had:

  • 2.5 of his 3.5 sacks
  • 6 of his 9 Tackles for Loss
  • 6 of his 8 QB hits
  • 9 of his 12 passes defended (if we include Week 6)
  • His one fumble recovery
  • 4 of his 5 double-digit tackle games

Late Season Jamal

Before you yell at me for math, Adams has missed a handful of games so we’re not comparing ten games against six. Last year, for example, Adams played eight games to contribute to the above stats.

Things change as the season progresses. Windows get tighter, weather alters the game, people find out Jared Goff and Jimmy Garoppolo are actually bad. There’s been plenty of evidence - anecdotal and somewhat statistical - that individuals and even entire teams can be first or second half players. Perhaps Adams grows stronger as the months drag on, perhaps he’s an expert film study. Clearly, Seattle will need his presence moving forward. The Arizona Cardinals just dismantled the Dallas Cowboys in a game at least as embarrassing as what Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers just put up. Arizona’s next up.

This team has continued to make those crucial stops in Adams’ absence, but they’re not a good defense without him. They were only a good defense one of two games with him. If Adams and Dunbar both return to the secondary, it will go a long way against DeAndre Hopkins and Kyler Murray.

The entire NFC West is on the docket over the next five weeks. The NFC West is very good this year. The NFC West is also noticeably worse at football when their quarterbacks are under pressure - Russell Wilson notwithstanding.

It’s time to get our safety back and run away from the division.