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Get to know Field Gulls: John Fraley comes from Paris with love

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

So far the Get to Know Field Gulls series has looked at Alistair Corp and Tyler Alsin, and in this post it’s the question and answer with everybody’s favorite former mod, John Fraley.

How did you become a football fan?

I’m a sports junkie, I’ll watch anything. First love was the NBA as a teenager in the 80s. Loved Joe Montana and Steve Young back in the day. Fell in love with the Griffey Mariners and the Holmgren Seahawks in the 90s, and, well, here we are a couple decades later.

How did you become a Seahawks fan?

Always had a soft spot for the city of Seattle. Happened to marry a girl from here 22 years ago, which coincided with Mike Holmgren’s arrival. That era of Seahawks teams purchased my heart, then broke it, then put it back together. Season ticket holder since 2005.

Who is your all time favorite Seahawks player? (and why)

It’s Marshawn Lynch. I love an original, someone who marches to their own drum (or electric guitar), an iconoclast, who doesn’t get caught up in doing things the way they’ve always been done, who doesn’t hold back, who lives their life as if it’s the only one they’ll get. Beast Mode checks all the boxes.

How long have you been with Field Gulls? How did you get started?

Started writing fanposts in 2012 and Danny hired me as a free agent off the street. At different times I’ve held every job for the site, besides the top gig of course. Probably only Mookie’s been here longer.

What do you do outside of your work at Field Gulls?

I teach piano for a living.

Are you in the Seattle area or elsewhere?

Seattle suburbs.

You get an all expense paid dinner for your family and friends. Where are we going and what are we eating?

Seafood. It has to be seafood. Something I can’t cook well, but adore. It’ll help if things are deep fried. There should be beer and wine, too.

What are you known for among your friends? Your claim to fame if you will?

Has to be the music, since I can play anything and everything on the piano, but maybe also my so-terrible-it-might-be-good sense of humor.

I-formation with a fullback or shotgun with five wide? Why?

College? I-formation. Control the game. Pro? Let it fly with five wide. Running is inefficient.

How’s 2020 treated you so far?

Better than most, probably. I’ve been lucky.

How will the Seahawks fare over the remainder of the season after they return from the bye week?

They’ll win the division. But the first few weeks back are filled with potholes and contain some losses.

What should readers know about you outside of the questions you’ve already answered?

Big soccer fan, which comes from growing up in Paris. I’m not young: I have two sons in high school. But like Pete Carroll, I do not act my age.