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Get to Know Field Gulls legend John Morgan

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

Earlier Saturday the Get to Know Field Gulls series introduced readers to the current site Managing Editor, Mookie Alexander. While Mookie does a fantastic job running the site, the roles available and the ability to share Seattle Seahawks news, knowledge and fandom in such a fantastic community without the work and efforts of John Morgan, who made the site go in the early years.

How did you become a football fan?

It was so long ago I cannot fully remember. I played Pop Warner pretty young which may account for my lack of memory. My dad would play sandlot football with a bunch of dudes he knew. He was a vexed athlete, Junior Olympian long jumper who had his athletic career derailed by dysfunction, etc. Other than that, and I guess the influence of 90s era SportsCenter, I don’t know for sure. If Griffey did something, I’d watch that shit five times in a row. I’ve been a football fan most of my life, and a Seahawks fan most of my life. Oh! and Barry Sanders. Did I mention that I played Pop Warner pretty young?

How did you become a Seahawks fan?

I was born outside of Seattle. My origin story is like Patton Oswald’s joke about Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight—better implied than told.

Who is your all time favorite Seahawks player? (and why)

Brandon Mebane.

How long have you been with Field Gulls? How did you get started?

14 years or so. I hustled my way into the job, got paid nothing or next to nothing for most of my time running the site, and with those of you who’ve been around since 2006, oversaw the site as it grew from dozens to thousands of readers a day. At its best, scant pay and all, it was the best job I ever had. Which probably says more about me than Field Gulls. But I loved it. I’d do it again.

What do you do outside of your work at Field Gulls?

Prep for my foreign language requirements so I can get my degree. Cook, clean, read, write, lots of other stuff I cannot imagine people finding at all interesting.

Are you in the Seattle area or elsewhere?

I live in the Portland area.

You get an all expense paid dinner for your family and friends. Where are we going and what are we eating?

If every expense is paid, I would go to somewhere very far away with very large portions. I do not have a favorite restaurant, but Pad Thai Kitchen off Belmont is consistent, good, and generous. And I am very loyal.

What are you known for among your friends? Your claim to fame if you will?

I cannot offer a great answer to this, as I am a married man living in quarantine.

I was once known for something illegal I did at a protest which led to a hopefully expired warrant. I was once known for being a MacGyver at creating bongs and other smoking utensils, including a couple vaporizers. I was once known for growing psilocybin mushrooms. I was once known, when I was much younger, for being pretty fearless and a fire bug. I was once known for the wide range of extracurricular activities I excelled in and my 0.9 GPA. I was once known as a homeless dropout. I was once known for being spooky good at Tetris.

I don’t know. Really I have no claim to fame anymore.

I-formation with a fullback or shotgun with five wide? Why?

Neither. I don’t want a fullback and I don’t want to eliminate the possibility of a run. This is a false dichotomy.

How’s 2020 treated you so far?

Not as badly as other years have, which is not to say it’s been swimming. My wife works in health care. I’ll leave that at that. But I am no longer in the crippling depression caused by my mom drinking herself to death. Perhaps I am a selfish person, but the pain I felt from personal tragedy was incomparably worse than the pain I feel from the very abstracted tragedy which has defined 2020. What a question!

How will the Seahawks fare over the remainder of the season after they return from the bye week?

Pretty well I hope.

What should readers know about you outside of the questions you’ve already answered?

Jeez, I don’t know. I answered under duress. I hate Scorsese’s happy endings. My favorite writer is DH Lawrence. My favorite book’s probably The Brothers Karamazov but Lady Chatterley’s Love, Women in Love, Gravity’s Rainbow, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Godhead, The Divine Comedy, and A History of Western Philosophy have all been my favorite book at one time or another. We rescued 13 homeless kittens and their mother, adopting two, and those guys are the better half of my life at the moment. I could not make it through the first episodes of Game of Thrones or True Detective. My father and brother were junior high dropouts. I detest social media. I’ve only attended two Seahawks games ever, both because of the generosity of others. Thanks Shrug! Thanks Jim! My favorite Onion headline of all time is “Man in headlock just wanted to party.” Runners up: “I lost 30 pounds in 15 days and died!” and “God answers prayers of paralyzed little boy. ‘No’ says God.” I do not think comic movies are cinema or that compilations of comics are “graphic novels.” But I do like comics fine. I think we’re entirely too liberal with the use of the word “science.” I’ve died twice in a dream and had one bad trip. I struggle awfully with anxiety and depression. I miss when standup comedians cared most about being funny and I find the idea that comedians are “street philosophers” to be a terrible indictment of our culture. People think I am an elitist or a hipster but I am in fact poor white trash. I think Dana Carvey was screwed. I pity Conan in his exile. I am left handed and have a family history of schizotypal personality disorders. My favorite actor is Paul Newman. And I have two pieces of life-changing advice to share: find a simple straight edge razor and junk your 15 blade monstrosity. You’ll thank me! Most cats if they live long enough die of kidney failure. Protein rich foods will speed up their demise. If your cat is exhibiting symptoms of kidney failure, which are too broad for me to detail here but in short if they’re acting sluggish, irritable or sleeping particularly deeply—especially if they’re 10+—find foods low in phosphorous. You can add many happy years to your little guy’s life! We saved Houdini that way. We’re saving Oliver that way. Oh, and I am both a cat and dog person, but not a people person.

And I’m prone to mania.