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DK Metcalf reached the 2nd fastest speed on a tackle this season to stop certain touchdown

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Following a poor throw by Russell Wilson, leading to a Budda Baker interception in the second quarter of Sunday Night Football, DK Metcalf made one of the plays of the game. With Baker racing down the sideline, headed to the endzone for six, Metcalf went into a full sprint and caught up to Baker, making a touchdown-saving tackle.

The tackle by Metcalf proved to be a massive swing, as the Cardinals would turn the ball over on downs after starting on the Seahawks’ eight-yard line, with Kyler Murray throwing incomplete on fourth down.

Metcalf’s incredible effort was also an awesome display of athleticism, as the wide receiver reached 22.64 miles per hour as he chased Baker down. That was the second-fastest speed reached by a tackler this season, per Next Gen Stats. In order to catch up to Baker, Metcalf traveled 114.8 yards on the play.

Only Metcalf could turn an interception into a personal highlight as a wide receiver.