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DK Metcalf continues to mirror Julio Jones, this time with 100-yard speed

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

DK Metcalf’s early career is incredible.

The second year receiver for the Seattle Seahawks has gained comparisons to the best wideouts to ever play the game this year. Among them, the physical similarities to Julio Jones have stood out.

On Sunday night, in a game that saw Metcalf largely quiet otherwise, he did perhaps the most Julio Jones thing imaginable.

Metcalf ran down one of the best safeties in the game in Budda Baker over the entire field. The Arizona Cardinals couldn’t score on the drive, as Metcalf prevented seven points from going on the board.

I included Bob Condotta’s thoughtful analysis of the highlight because DK Metcalf had the more impressive of the two athletic achievements.

A few years back, Metcalf’s predecessor did something similar.

The two are so similar that the NFL even did a simulcast of their NFL combine 40 yard dashes, with Metcalf pulling away.

It’s a testament to the overall team mentality that both receivers have exhibited throughout their career. Metcalf has already been described as an incredibly hard worker. What could put this rundown over the edge against Julio Jones’ is that Metcalf went full speed almost immediately. Jones worked his way through the mess against Kwon Alexander, but Budda Baker being faster necessitated the instant launch into open stride that Metcalf did.

It was a phenomenal display of a different element of his game, which somehow only continued the national hype for the DK Metcalf train, even though it had nothing to do with his receiver prowess.

A true shame that his overtime touchdown couldn’t stand, as he would have had yet another early game highlight and game-winner.

Nevertheless, now he’s added more highlight reel to his tape, this time on defense.