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Tyler Lockett had second best receiving game in Seahawks history

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

If it felt like Tyler Lockett had a big day on Sunday, imagine what it must have felt like to be CB Dre Kirkpatrick trying to guard him.

Lockett went for 15 receptions on 20 targets, both career highs. His 200 receiving yards were also a career high, and this three touchdowns ties his best mark, also set this year.

That’s right, a member of the Seattle Seahawks just went 15-200-3. For longtime fans, those numbers are somewhat foreign. It’s been nine years of run-first-Russ-later under Pete Carroll, and even with Russell Wilson being unlocked this year, it took six games to blow the numbers out of the water.

In fact, Lockett just passed Doug Baldwin and countless others to put up statistically the second biggest game a Seahawk WR has ever had.

It’s fun when we can tweak the metrics just enough to get our guy on top. No, this was not one of the three best receiver performances of all time.

However, among the Seattle receivers of old, this was special. There have been a few dozen 200+ yard performances over the years league-wide; 137 of them in NFL history.

But only Hall-of-Fame WR Steve Largent’s 261 yards is a bigger mark posted by a Seahawk.

From the first play of the game, it was clear that Lockett was on something special. It boggles the mind that the Cardinals switched Patrick Peterson over to DK Metcalf after this play:

Though it didn’t work out for the Seahawks, it proved yet again that on any given day, Russell Wilson can do some very silly things with either of his top two pass catchers.