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Jason Myers having stellar second season with Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have had a bit of an adventure with its special teams over the past few seasons, particularly at placekicker. Steven Hauschka had repeated issues with the extended extra point, Sebastian Janikowski retired after blowing his hamstring out trying to kick a long field goal in the playoffs, and we don’t talk about the kicker who replaced Hauschka but preceded Janikowski.

Enter Jason Myers, whose 2019 season really was... alright, I guess. He was 23/28 on his field goal attempts, but 6/11 from 40+ yards out. He also missed four extra points and ranked near the bottom among qualified kickers. This was more or less what got him cut from the Jacksonville Jaguars before he bounced back with a Pro Bowl season kicking for the New York Jets.

2020 has been a different story for Myers, whose job has been made much easier by the Seahawks’ innovative approach to scoring lots of touchdowns and eschewing field goals entirely. Myers is 25/25 on PATs but “only” 4/4 on FGs, and incredibly all of his attempts have been from 40+ out, which speaks to the excellent Seahawks red zone offense. In fact they’re the only team in the league without an attempt from inside 40. Wil Lutz of the New Orleans Saints and Jason Sanders of the Miami Dolphins are the only other qualified kickers who can also brag that they’ve yet to miss a kick. Lutz leads the trio with 21/21 PATs and 13/13 FGs, with Sanders 15/15 on FGs and 13/13 on PATs.

I think as Seahawks fans we know better than to take PATs for granted ever since it was moved back in 2015. In a year in which the PAT rate is about 94%, Myers is one of ten qualified kickers who’s perfect on one-pointers, but the other nine have had at least four fewer attempts. The Seahawks’ propensity to play close games means that as stupidly cliched as this sounds, every point really does matter.

When you take Myers’ terrific start combined with Michael Dickson’s All-Pro level year, the Seahawks special teams has rapidly improved to 4th in DVOA. For all of the rightful complaints about this defense, the Seahawks are a demonstrably better team than the 2019 squad that essentially had the offense carrying two bad groups. Now it’s just up to the defense to get their shit together.