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Trysten Hill receives very small fine for injuring Chris Carson

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Chris Carson left the game in Week 3 against the Dallas Cowboys after laying on the turf for quite some time. When reports came in that it was a knee, well, every NFL fan this year has been conditioned to expect the worst. Since then, Pete Carroll has confirmed it is a minor injury and Carson will miss limited time.

But that move was trash.

Most people had probably never heard of Trysten Hill before this moment. That’s because he’s not been worth knowing. This is his second year in the league, after registering three pressures in 121 snaps in 2019.

In any case, Hill attended University of Central Florida but apparently couldn’t be any less like fellow UCF alums Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin.

The above is one of the more egregious definitions of unnecessary roughness, and could have very easily been penalized as such or as a late hit, for Carson had clearly been stopped. As it stands, Hill has just been fined pennies by NFL standards.

So no suspension, and a minimal fine. This is surprising because pattern of behavior was fairly apparent. Later in the game, Hill greeted Russell Wilson directly in the facemask with the crown of his helmet. This one was flagged, and Seattle subsequently scored on a critical two-point conversion.

Pete Carroll said he was “really pissed” about the hit on Carson, and immediate calls for Hill to be punished streamed from various sources.

KJ Wright himself took to addressing the NFL directly, calling for official reprimand of Hill on behalf of his brother.

Jamal Adams also chimed in later this week, calling it a cheap move.

Yeah, that was some BS I ain’t gonna lie, bro. I get a gator roll, but once you gator roll, he’s on the ground, let go. You don’t gotta keep on going. It just didn’t make sense and obviously I’m gonna fight for my teammate. Chris is a hell of a guy. I don’t know why [Hill] would do that, what he was thinking.

The Cowboys had a problem with penalties all game, but this is not a football move and has no business being in the league.