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Chris Carson has best game one week after dirty play knocked him out

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

There’s almost too many heroes from the Week 4 win against the Miami Dolphins. The Seattle Seahawks are simply getting excellent football from a healthy portion of their roster right now.

But one who’s been a little quiet, and is a vital piece to this undefeated machine, is Chris Carson. Just one week from nearly getting his leg ripped off, he returned to vintage Carson wrecking ball form and turned in one of his better games.

He might have been missed in the shuffle because these Seahawks aren’t running 39 times like they used to. Russell Wilson to DK Metcalf is possibly the most lethal combo in the league right now.

So on only 16 carries, Carson had 80 yards, but they displayed almost everything good about what Carson has been to this team.

First, that’s 5.0 yards per carry, best on the season. It would have been his fourth best game last year at that pace.

Second, he showed that even on whatever ankle soreness he still has, that strange need to jump over somebody a couple times a season lives strong in 2020.

Third, his decision making is on point. On his two touchdowns and the zippy 18-yard run straight down field, he hit the gap with not a moment’s hesitation. But watching the rest of his runs, Carson’s patience was on true display this week. His deliberate hesitation while moving laterally reminded me of back when Le’Veon Bell was actually good. This offensive line was moving people, and Carson has noticeable trust in letting the lanes develop before he dashes with that trademark instant acceleration.

Fourth, he just keeps hitting dudes. KJ Wright, who had the best game on defense, glowed about Carson’s efforts.

Chris is a monster, he’s a dawg man. I’m so glad that I don’t have to tackle anybody in the league like him cause I don’t believe there’s anybody that has his running style. I can’t wait till he gets paid, whether he’s here or [with] someone else. But he’s definitely in the top five in my eyes because I’ve seen a lot of running backs. There’s nobody like him.

On the first drive Carson was clearly ready to roll, displaying his hard-hitting style and patience simultaneously.

Carson hasn’t topped 100 yards yet but this was the 2020 breakout game we’ve been waiting for. It’s the reminder that this really is a balanced team even on Russell Wilson’s ridiculous tear to start the season. He’s every bit the runner he’s been for three years, and the resurgence just makes it harder on opposing defenses to figure out who to defend.