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Seahawks finally hosting Snacks Harrison on visit Tuesday

NFL: Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For most of the offseason fans of the Seattle Seahawks have been clamoring for help on the defensive line, hoping that the team would bring in free agent replacements for players like Jadeveon Clowney and Quinton Jefferson who departed after the 2019 season. The overwhelming majority of the names fans have wished for signed elsewhere over the course of the offseason, including Gerald McCoy, Mike Daniels, Everson Griffen among others, however, Damon Snacks Harrison has remained a free agent.

That said, it appears as though Harrison has finally decided to play the 2020 season, and is set to start his tour of team visits Tuesday.

Harrison, of course, is a run stuffing monster who can play in the middle of the line. That hasn’t exactly been a weak spot for the Seahawks this season, but with the opportunity to add one of the best players at the position a quarter of the way into the season, the Hawks are, as always, involved. Complicating the ability of the front office to sign Harrison is the fact that he is already set to visit the Green Bay Packers on Wednesday after he concludes his visit to the VMAC.

For Seattle fans who are adamant that Pete Carroll and John Schneider should not let Harrison leave town without having signed a contract, it might be a rough day. The Seahawks have a long tradition of offering veterans very small contracts while upselling the possibility of playing for a Super Bowl ring. While the team has certainly been able to sign some free agents using that pitch, others, most notably Evan Mathis, have been turned off by the approach.

In any case, the news late Tuesday will either be that Harrison has agreed to sign with the Hawks, or that he has boarded a plane to Green Bay. All Seahawks fans can do at this point is wait.