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DK Metcalf torched the 49ers defense with career-best performance

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Last week, DK Metcalf was kept in check on offense, but he still grabbed the headlines through his unbelievable chasedown tackle of Budda Baker. This week, the second-year sensation reminded everyone that he’s only getting better as a wide receiver.

In the Seattle Seahawks’ 37-27 win over the San Francisco 49ers, Metcalf had his best game to date even including the playoffs. The passing game overwhelmingly ran through him, and he responded with a career-high 12 catches, a career-high 161 yards, and two more touchdowns to match the number of scores he had all of last regular season.

What’s most important is that Metcalf may have had those 12 catches, but for someone whose catch rate is less than 60%, he got his numbers on a career-high 15 targets. Eight of his catches went for first downs or touchdowns. That level of productivity is what makes the Tyler Lockett/Metcalf duo so dangerous — you can potentially stop one, more than likely stop neither, and you’ll need a herculean effort to stop both.

Metcalf was not typecast as just the deep ball threat. Yes he did catch one late in the 2nd quarter but most of his success came on intermediate routes. He was able to burn the 49ers with his run after the catch on the first touchdown...

...Plus bully his way to another touchdown on a quick slant. Shield Emmanuel Moseley and Wilson delivers a dime his way even with the holding.

As banged up as the 49ers defense has been (and continues to be), they entered this week ranked top-10 in DVOA and 5th in points allowed. Most of Metcalf’s damage was done against Emmanuel Moseley, who has developed into quite the talented corner for San Francisco, but he was no match for Metcalf.

And to think, the best is yet to come.