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Video: Javon Kinlaw’s hilarious, unrewarded flop sums up 49ers’ day against Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

I’m glad this wasn’t actually penalized and was just outright ignored.

In a rivalry game like the Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers, it’s common for tempers to flair and for pushing and shoving to occur. What you don’t expect is this level of floppery to be this damn funny.

The NFL All-22 footage revealed an amazing exchange between Seahawks rookie Damien Lewis and 49ers rookie and fellow SEC alum Javon Kinlaw. This was early in the 1st quarter and not captured by the FOX broadcast, and I only wish this could’ve been shown live because Twitter would’ve had a field day with this much sooner.

You can see Kinlaw and Lewis go face-to-face (or helmet-to-helmet, I suppose) and presumably jawing at each other. Lewis puts both hands on Kinlaw, presumably to get him out of his face so that they can move on and run the next play. Kinlaw hilariously and pathetically tries to draw a flag by falling back like he’s gearing up for the 100m backstroke competition.

There was no flag and I know if this was the NBA he would get a reprimand if not an outright fine for flopping. Kinlaw is 6’5” and 319 lbs, so he’s a couple of inches taller and only a few pounds lighter than Lewis. I know that Lewis has a reputation for being a mauler in the trenches but he ain’t that powerful.