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SB Nation Reacts: This is how we were feeling before the Seahawks beat the Cardinals

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Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

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The Seattle Seahawks got a much-needed win over the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night, but before that they were beaten by the Los Angeles Rams in one of the worst showings of Russell Wilson’s career.

What did that do to our fan confidence? Well it crashed from 44% to 29% and near the very bottom of the NFL. Luckily the Houston Texans are at 0% and the Philadelphia Eagles at 5% so they did have some buffer compared to other fanbases who feel hopelessness.

I predict a big bounce back next week. Maybe up in the 80s or 90s now that key players are returning soon and the Seahawks’ schedule eases up. Plus the defense actually has looked competent for going on six consecutive quarters!

The big national question of the week concerned which recently drafted QB would have the best career. Kyler Murray is #1 and nothing from Thursday will change that opinion. Unfortunately, Joe Burrow’s knee got destroyed by Washington today so while he was 2nd in polling I hope what happened to him won’t have serious long-term consequences for the former LSU star. I personally will take the L on Justin Herbert because this dude has been super impressive playing for such a loser-ass franchise like the Los Angeles Chargers.

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