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SB Nation Reacts: Thanksgiving food hot takes fresh off the stove

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Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
Happier times.

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It’s amazing what a streak-busting win can do for your confidence!

Last week after the loss to the Los Angeles Rams, fan confidence for the Seattle Seahawks plunged to 29%. I can’t recall it ever being that low in the history of this series. Then they beat the Arizona Cardinals in a must-win situation... now look at us! 86%!

Just tear through this four-game stretch before the Los Angeles Rams rematch and I think we’ll avoid another rollercoaster of emotions like we’ve seen the past few weeks.

Okay now I want to get to Thanksgiving stuff. There were a few food related questions on the survey this week, including one asking what common Thanksgiving dish the team was. Since the Seahawks are 7-3 and in prime playoff position, I can only conclude that you really love mashed potatoes.

That’s great although I think a loaded baked potato is the superior form of potato-ing. I guess it’s not a traditional Thanksgiving dish, either. And besides, the lousy teams had answers that included leftovers (Chicago Bears), overcooked turkey (Atlanta Falcons), and giblets (New York Jets).

Now as for the national questions, you were all asked about which desserts and side dishes you wanted to dump if you only had one option. For dessert, sweet potato pie overwhelmingly is the one that you don’t seem to care for. I can only wonder how many Falcons fans dared to say pecan pie.

As for the side, it was a closer call but it looks like green bean casserole ain’t your thing. In fact casserole is #1 and #3 on this list, with cranberry sauce in the middle.

Glad to see I’m not the only one who believes sweet potato is trash.

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