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Report: Eagles plan to give Jalen Hurts more snaps at quarterback vs. Seahawks

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Since the Seahawks and Eagles last played in the regular season, in Week 12 a year ago, Philadelphia quarterback Carson Wentz has been unravelling. In 2020, Wentz hasn’t just been a shell of his former self but of a half-decent starting quarterback, performing as one of the league’s worst starters in the worst division in football.

After the Eagles’ Week 11 loss to the Browns, Philadelphia head coach dismissed the idea of benching Wentz, saying “I think you are sending the wrong message to your football team that the season is over. That is a bad message. We have to work through this.”

Apparently, working “through this” includes the help of second-round rookie Jalen Hurts. On Sunday, Tim McManus of ESPN reported that Hurts, who has served as Wentz’s backup all season, had been receiving first-team reps at practice throughout the week, in advance of their game against Seattle.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport added further details, reporting Hurts would receive increased playing time against the Seahawks. Unlike in Hurts’ previous 31 snaps on the season, these are expected to come without Wentz on the field.

On Hurts’ expected involvement against Seattle, Rapoport wrote, “It’s unlikely that Hurts, the second-round Heisman finalist from Oklahoma and Alabama, will get to take an entire series. More likely, it will be two or three plays at a time. But, based on the game plan and the week of practice, he should see his most significant snaps yet.”

So, when the Seahawks take on the Eagles on Monday Night Football, they will not only be set to face Wentz under center, but Hurts too. That’s good news for a Philadelphia team in need of a spark, but less so for a revamped Seattle defense that was looking forward to four quarters against Wentz.