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The Seahawks have Let Russ Cook, now it’s time to Let Bobby Blitz!

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Bobby Wagner dominated the San Francisco 49ers offense last Sunday, recording two sacks of Jimmy Garoppolo and wreaking havoc all over the field. The Seattle Seahawks blitz and blitzed often, leading to tremendous results and arguably their best defensive performance of the season. Seattle has been struggling to generate a pass rush for almost two full years, but Wagner provided a much-needed boost on his way to winning NFC Defensive Player of the Week.

“I love it,” Wagner said on Wednesday. “I mean, I’m all for blitzing. I have fun blitzing.”

According to Pro Football Reference, Wagner has already blitzed as many times this season (41) as he did in all of 2018, and he’s on pace to exceed 2019’s total of 71. Is it working? Well he’s a sack away from matching last year’s total and he’s generated more pressures than he did in either 2018 or 2019. Wagner is still a beast in run support and as a coverage linebacker, but damn if it ain’t fun watching him shoot the gap and lay the smackdown on the QB.

Middle linebacker is considered the quarterback of the defense. If actual Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson got the “Let Russ Cook” rally cry, why not do the same with Wagner?

It’s time to LET. BOBBY. BLITZ.


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