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Pete Carroll surprised Bills abandoned bad run game to attack horrendous Seahawks pass defense

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I had to write that headline in such a snarky way because it is fully merited.

This is what Pete Carroll had to say about the Seattle Seahawks’ shambolic display of pass defense in their 44-34 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills are 25th in rushing offense DVOA but are 5th in passing offense. On defense, the Seahawks rank 30th against the pass and 6th against the run. Josh Allen was very impressive in September before his recent cooling off. Buffalo’s best running back is arguably Josh Allen and he leads the team in rushing touchdowns and is second in rushing yards.

What did Carroll think was going to happen? The element of surprise? Buffalo is among the pass-heaviest teams in early down situations. That sort of admission is almost like saying they lost before opening kickoff.

I gave Ken Norton Jr what I felt was rightful shit for that defensive display but Carroll is clearly not immune to criticism. That’s a horrible feel for tendencies and terrible gameplanning from the start. Maybe if Seattle was keyed in on the pass early it wouldn’t have mattered because they’ve just been exceedingly incompetent with each year post-LOB, but coming out with the mentality that the Bills were going to try running it is setting the entire team up for failure.

Congratulations to Josh Allen, who might as well trademark Let Josh Cook.