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Late Hail Mary touchdown allowed by Seahawks against Eagles proved to be costly

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks were never really in serious jeopardy of losing to the Philadelphia Eagles, but for the umpteenth time in a row a comfortable win turned into a closer scoreline than it should’ve been.

This one was quite costly, if you catch my drift.

Eagles TE Richard Rodgers, famous for his game-winning Hail Mary touchdown grab when he was with the Green Bay Packers, made an amazing one-handed catch on a deflection late in the 4th quarter with :12 to go. Doug Pederson then decided to go for two, which turned a 23-9 game into 23-17. The onside kick was easily recovered and Seattle won.

Why is that touchdown significant? Well... the Seahawks were 6.5 point favorites. No push to be had if you’re a gambler. It was reasonable to think with even 1:13 left that the Seahawks would win 23-9 and we’d move on with our lives. But then that play happened, followed by the two-point conversion, and this bettor is out $500,000.

And another one is out about $189k.

Technically the two-point conversion was the back-breaker but that never happens without the freak touchdown. Also it’s a lamer headline if I write about the freaking two-point play instead of the Hail Mary.

You can either look at this as an extremely bad beat or for a select few, an amazing backdoor cover. Such is the roller coaster life for any gamblers out there. My recommendation is don’t bet on Seahawks games.