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Seahawks 40 Jets 3: Winners and Losers from the easiest Seattle victory in years

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Well a week after the Seattle Seahawks played their worst game of the year against the New York Giants, they righted the ship with their most complete game by smashing the pathetic and toothless New York Jets. Truth be told, 40-3 was kind to the Jets and that acknowledges that Sergio Castillo missed three field goals for them.

Let’s get to Winners and Losers. There really isn’t a whole lot to be negative about when you do what you’re supposed to do.


Russell Wilson

He needed a “get right” game and while I think he was a tad off in the opening quarter (even with the touchdown on the first possession) he settled down and was throwing in rhythm, with confidence, and without rushers constantly in his face. The interception was a pretty iffy decision considering Jacob Hollister was open, but the throw was undercooked and Marcus Maye made a great play. He finished the day with four touchdown passes on 21/27 and it’s the type of efficiency we’ve come to expect from #3.

Offensive Line

Excellent run blocking and no sacks allowed on Wilson. Just one sack allowed as a whole and that’s really on Geno Smith.

Freddie Swain

The rookie out of Florida got his second touchdown of the season to continue a pretty solid campaign as a WR4. His playing time may be limited down the stretch when Josh Gordon returns but there’s a lot to like about Swain’s long-term role in the offense.

Uncle Will!

Dissly got his second TD of the year on a play-action bootleg. He may yet play a key role in the Seahawks passing game down the stretch against more competent opposition.

David Moore

Moore has set a new personal best for touchdowns with six.

Chris Carson

76 yards on 12 carries and a teeder. There were some gaping holes that really anyone can run through but please don’t conflate “easily replaceable” with interchangeable. Running backs are overdrafted regularly and their short careers combined with reliance on quality offensive lines make it a talent-rich position with few available spots to get regular carries. Put Chris Carson and 2017 Eddie Lacy the exact same scenarios from today’s game and I bet you Lacy is not producing at the same level. This offense will be better with Carson and Carlos Hyde (and Rashaad Penny) getting the touches and not DeeJay Dallas or Travis Homer.

DK Metcalf

He gave us all a scare when his ankle got turned on the opening drive but they used him predominantly in the quick and short passing offense. And it worked. Six catches for 61 yards and a touchdown to put him in double figures on the season.

Brian Schottenheimer

Much better playcalling today, albeit against a defense that barely wanted to be out there.

Geno Smith

He hasn’t played NFL regular season snaps since 2018. Good for him to not only get some live game action but to do so against his former team.

Penny Hart and Colby Parkinson

They got their first respective NFL touches and combined for four touches for 38 yards and three first downs.

Shaquem Griffin

There were three sacks by the Seahawks defense but I was happiest seeing Shaquem get his first career regular season sack. He’s so quick on those twists and Darnold really didn’t have a chance.

The entire defense

They only allowed 3 points and while it’s a low bar to set against a trash squad, you take what you get. They’ve only allowed 81 points dating back to the Rams game, or roughly 16 per game over the past five weeks. This is the easier portion of their schedule I know, but that’s the point. If they were an atrocious defense they’d be getting worked by these teams too, but they aren’t and they’ll get Carlos Dunlap and Quinton Dunbar back soon.

I continue to be impressed by DJ Reed even as a 5’9” outside corner, and Ugo Amadi is a stud nickel corner. Snacks Harrison forced a Frank Gore fumble and Jamal Adams got sack 8.5 on the year. KJ Wright continues to be a menace.


The hands of Jamal Adams, Ugo Amadi, and KJ Wright

Catch the damn ball! In Wright’s case I get that he wanted the interception and him running it back is better for the team, but Poona Ford with football is my everything.

Jay Feely’s memories

CBS had that “Pepperidge Farm remembers” flashback video up in record time when Sergio Castillo missed his 3rd field goal. Jeremy Shockey felt a disturbance.

Final Notes

  • Make your PATs, Jason Myers! Three misses on the season and all of them at home. It’s pretty incredible that he’s perfect on field goals but he’s missing the equivalent of 33-yarders. Ahh well I’m just goofing around.
  • Bummer than Jordyn Brooks had his first sack nullified due to penalty, but he continues to flash positive things about his overall game.
  • Tyler Lockett was back to normal with five catches for 52 yards on five targets.
  • Shaquill Griffin really needs to turn his head. He certainly got away with pass interference in the 2nd quarter when he had good position but never got his head around to make a play on the ball. He’s not a loser because it’s lame to do this in a 40-3 win but it’s just something to monitor.
  • ...Do I really want to do an Enemy Reaction for this? I mean the Jets are a joke but their fans don’t deserve this dreck. Adam Gase should not be allowed near NFL employment again after the shit he’s churned out.
  • It felt good to have a blowout win again. Seattle kinda sorta blew out Atlanta in Week 1 but this one was so over that the 4th quarter was like a preseason game. That’s something the Seahawks of old (aka 2012-2015) would do quite often, but it’s been absent for over two years. Now it’s time to blowout good teams too.
  • I do not like playing at FedEx Field. Just beat the Washington Football Team and get the hell out of there.
  • I did a post-game on-camera live stream chat with Kenneth Arthur. Check it out!