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Russell Wilson becomes 1st quarterback with a winning record in each of his first 9 seasons

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

With a blowout 40-3 win over the Jets on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks secured their ninth straight winning season. That just so happens to coincide with the start of quarterback Russell Wilson’s career, which puts the Seahawks passer in a class of his own.

Wilson had already become the quarterback with the most wins through his first nine seasons and has now secured yet another season of play above .500. Regardless of the health of the roster, the talent around him, or the level of play from his defense, Wilson has proven to be a walking playoff berth, keeping Seattle in contention year-in and year-out.

Breaking a record or setting a new milestone has seemingly been a weekly occurrence for Wilson in his ninth season and that will only continue as his career progresses, such is the consistency he plays with.

Though Wilson and the Seahawks’ win over New York won’t go down as one of Wilson’s most challenging victories, it has secured yet another place in the NFL record books for Seattle’s franchise quarterback.