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Enemy Reaction 2020: Philadelphia Eagles

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Outside of the San Francisco 49ers I don’t think I’ve featured another team more often in Enemy Reaction than the Philadelphia Eagles. They’ve had seven cracks to beat Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks and are 0-7. Believe it or not, that garbage time TD last week that got them to 17 points marks the most points they’ve scored in any of these matchups.

Philly fans are notoriously harsh critics of their own team, even when they’re actually good. So when the Eagles are a train wreck like they are right now? Oh you better believe there’s some tremendous content out there.

Here we go! Game thread comments courtesy of Bleeding Green Nation.

Seahawks make a mess of 4th and goal, turn it over on downs (0-0)

Seahawks fail on 4th down again (0-0)

DK Metcalf torches Darius Slay Jr (0-0)

David Moore scores on the fade route (7-0 SEA)

Chris Carson barrels his way in from 16 yards out (14-0 SEA)

No intentional grounding? (14-0 SEA)

Carson Wentz finds Dallas Goedert for the touchdown (14-6 SEA)

KJ Wright bats down 4th and 2 pass (17-9 SEA)

DK Metcalf is just unfair (17-9 SEA)

Hahahahaha (20-9 SEA)

Admittedly cool Hail Mary touchdown by Richard Rodgers ends the game (23-17 SEA FINAL)

Post-Game: An embarrassing, dysfunctional mess (Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz)

The Monday Night Football crew discussed the problems with the Eagles all night long. They blamed Wentz, the OL and his receivers. And all of those groups deserved the blame they got. If anything, Wentz got off a bit easy.

The group also ripped Howie Roseman and the Eagles lack of talent. They pointed out the draft misses and the lack of playmakers. They didn’t say anything unfair, just pointed out what Eagles fans have seen over the past couple of years. There just aren’t enough good players. There certainly aren’t enough difference-makers.

Doug Pederson got some criticism, but not nearly as much as Roseman and the players.

There were multiple shots of Jeffrey Lurie watching the game. He didn’t look particularly happy, nor should he. The Eagles cut the lead to 14-9 at one point, but they never really felt like they were a legit threat to the Seahawks. Lurie’s patience has to be wearing thin.

There is losing and having a tough season. That would be one thing. But then there is an embarrassing, dysfunctional mess that is causing a die-hard fanbase to become apathetic. That’s a very different story.

Post-Game: Doug Pederson seems completely over his head (Josh Naso, Philadelphia Eagles Frenzy)

Pederson seems in completely over his head at this point. The offense was embarrassingly bad and was playing against one of the weaker defenses in the NFL. Despite the game being close for long stretches, Miles Sanders had six carries. Six. That’s inexcusable. Not only is Sanders arguably your most prolific playmaker on offense, but every aspect of the passing game, from blocking to receivers getting open/being in the right spots, to Carson Wentz’s accuracy and decision-making, has been out of whack for weeks. Yet, Pederson decided to give his running backs a total of nine carries while dialing up 46 passes. Frankly, it’s ridiculous.

That’s not all. Pederson seems unwilling or unable to game plan in a way that highlights his player’s strengths and mitigates their weaknesses. He’s done nothing to mitigate the injuries on the offensive line, refuses to consistently go uptempo or get Wentz out of the pocket in spite of clear evidence that the offense works better when doing those things, and has failed to scheme his receivers open. The offense is bland and predictable.

But wait, there’s more. There were several instances on Monday night where players weren’t in the right spots, appeared to not know what their responsibilities were, or didn’t know how to adjust to what the defense was doing. That’s on coaching, and is particularly troubling both because it’s Week 12 and because it seems that this is a recurring issue. Either Pederson isn’t coaching these things or the team isn’t listening, and either way it’s a poor reflection on Pederson.

Post-Game Audio: Opponent audio recap with Eagles announcers Merrill Reese and Mike Quick (via Sports Radio KJR)

Post-Game Video: Doug Pederson coached this game like he wants to be fired (NBC Sports Philadelphia)

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Enemy Preaction: New York Giants

Well believe it or not, this weekend’s game against the New York Giants is a battle between two first-place teams. In all likelihood, the entire NFC East will be guaranteed to have a non-winning regular season by the end of this weekend. The Giants have been playing better as of late, albeit with all but one of their wins against their NFC East rivals, so there should be reason to respect them. Of course it could all come undone for them if Colt McCoy is the starter and they don’t have either Sterling Shepard or Darius Slayton available. Maybe we’ll get a steady dose of Golden Tate if that’s the case.

It’s the NFL, so don’t take any game for granted.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!