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The last time Josh Gordon played was beautiful

Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It’s been a year and a week since Josh Gordon played an NFL game.

Last time, he did this:

A year later, the Seattle Seahawks now know what they have in DK Metcalf. While he can go deep - better than Gordon - that doesn’t mean the significance of this return is lost.

Gordon has finally been activated and is expected to play. His arrival is important because he can do what both Metcalf and Tyler Lockett do. Hear this: it does not matter if he cannot do them as well. It matters that he can do them.

Russell Wilson now has two top-end receiving threats at almost every aspect of the passing game. Deep shot? All three of them. Play out of the slot? Lockett and Gordon. Big-bodied slant routes with massive yard after potential? Metcalf and Gordon again.

Even if it’s limited targets, Gordon gives Wilson not just an additional weapon - like he really needs another. Hopefully the true benefit comes from Gordon eventually giving some additional breathing room for Tyler Lockett, or on third downs. While Lockett is setting a career-high for receptions, his yards per target have plummeted. Metcalf has become at times the only deep threat, and teams know it.

Seattle could be able to force defenses to pick their poison far more. What we might end up seeing is not a slew of targets sent Gordon’s way, but hopefully an even greater efficiency from Wilson across the board. This is a ridiculous receiver group to defend.

Besides, Gordon has the big-play ability and veteran confidence to add significant value to a playoff run, even on just a couple of targets per game.

Look out, Lost-to-the-Jets Angeles Rams.