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Enemy Reaction: Washington Football Team (featuring Rams vs. Jets!)

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are a win away from clinching the NFC West, something that frankly didn’t even seem possible entering Week 15. They needed to beat the Washington Football Team (very possible) and the New York Jets needed to beat the Los Angeles Rams (virtually impossible). Well Seattle hung on and did their part, then the New York Jets shocked the NFL world with their first win of the season.

Our game was kinda boring up until the Seahawks did their usual “make the game close” thing in the 4th quarter. I’ll do the full game for us but I know you’re really here for the Rams fans melting down after losing to the Jets, and ditto the Steelers’ embarrassing defeat to the Bengals.

WFT comments are courtesy of Hogs Haven.

Shaquill Griffin picks off Dwayne Haskins (6-0 SEA)

Russell Wilson finds Jacob Hollister for the touchdown (13-0 SEA)

Carlos Hyde breaks loose for 50-yard touchdown (20-3 SEA)

Dwayne Haskins intercepted by DJ Reed (20-3 SEA)

Peyton Barber puts Washington into the end zone (20-9 SEA)

Russell Wilson gets picked off by Daron Payne (20-9 SEA)

JD McKissic scores against his former team (20-15 SEA)

Carlos Dunlap sacks Dwayne Haskins to force 4th and forever (20-15 SEA)


Hail Mary falls incomplete, Seahawks survive (20-15 SEA FINAL)

Post-game write-up: Dwayne Haskins’ up-and-down day (Ian Cummings, Riggo’s Rag)

At first, the results were largely resonant with what people had expected. While Haskins showed some flashes and some promising traits, his decision making ultimately cost him on two ugly interceptions, and in the first half, his outlook seemed bleak.

In the second half, however, particularly late in the game, Haskins appeared to calm down, and take more of what the defense gave him. He was less unhinged, and instead appeared in rhythm and crisp with his throws. He was ultimately unable to lead Washington to win, but he came very close, and it wasn’t his fault alone that they didn’t convert.

Looking at the big picture, it’s likely that the Washington Football Team gets a new starting quarterback in 2021. Haskins’ first half did little to quell concerns about his long-term viability. But Haskins’ tangible progression in the second half might have done enough to elicit more wonders of what he can be if he puts it all together.

It’s important to remember that that “if” hasn’t happened yet, even after almost two years. But Haskins’ performance today reminded us that he has the necessary physical talent. He made valuable adjustments mid-game. He competed. If he has to start again, can he compound that growth? Or will Ron Rivera go with the less explosive, but less volatile Alex Smith in a playoff push?

Post-game write-up: An uninspiring offense (Zachary Neel, Washington Wire)

Washington played a boring game of football on Sunday, plain and simple. Some of that can be attributed to the fact that Dwayne Haskins was in at quarterback, rather than Alex Smith, but that still is not enough of an excuse for OC Scott Turner to go to the milquetoast section of his playbook and set up shop.

Gone were the trick plays that had become well-known and well-liked by fans during the winning streak; gone were the jet sweeps and pre-snap motions that kept the defense on their goes. It was a simple ‘line up and snap the ball’ offense that resulted in a mediocre performance. Maybe we have Haskins to blame for this. Maybe he is not experienced enough in an NFL offense to handle all of that, but it would have been nice to see him try it at least.

Post-game audio: Opponent audio recap with WFT announcers Bram Weinstein and DeAngelo Hall (via Sports Radio KJR)

BONUS Enemy Reaction: The Pittsburgh Steelers are falling apart

JuJu Smith-Schuster gets rocked

High-stepping at midfield!!!

Ryan Finley is always dangerous

Enemy Preaction: Los Angeles Rams

Blocked punt eventually extends Jets lead to 10-0

Bryce Hall picks off Jared Goff

Rams go incomplete and incomplete on 3rd and 4th and 4 deep shots

Frank Gore seals a Jets win

Jets fans are PISSED that they won

I know we’re here to mock the Rams but holy shit have you ever seen such an angry response to a win before? Poor Jets fans.

I’m pretty sure that the Rams are going to play better than they did against the Jets, so we can enjoy their misery for a bit but this weekend is a chance to right the wrong from 2019. Last year the Seahawks had the NFC West title on their doorstep and they lost by a yard to the 49ers. This year, ten years on from winning the division against the Rams in their first season under Pete Carroll, they have another golden opportunity at home against a bitter rival. Seattle has struggled mightily to beat Sean McVay, but is this the game where the tide turns? I hope so.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the holidays and go ‘Hawks!