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Seahawks opponents for 2021 NFL season nearly set

NFL: Houston Texans at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

We obviously have our minds focused on the remainder of the Seattle Seahawks’ 2020 season, but with the regular season winding down we just about know the opponents Seattle will play next year.

The NFL’s open secret that there will be a 17th regular season game now has a tad more clarity. Starting in 2021, the extra game will be an AFC vs. NFC matchup, with division winners matched against division winners, 2nd vs. 2nd, etc. The NFC West gets the AFC North (per Albert Breer) so the Seahawks would face the Pittsburgh Steelers, but whether it’s home or away is to be determined. Seattle played Pittsburgh in 2019 and won at Heinz Field.

Anyway, the Seahawks’ schedule consists of the NFC West, the NFC North, the AFC South, the NFC East, AFC North, and NFC South champions. Only the NFC East winner remains to be seen and it could be any one of the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, or Washington Football Team.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the #1 pick in the NFL Draft so Trevor Lawrence could be coming to play Seattle next year, and if I wasn’t a coward I would’ve just used that as the clickbaitiest of clickbait headlines to spruce this post up.

Here’s what we have:


Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers

Los Angeles Rams

Tennessee Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

New Orleans Saints


Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers

Los Angeles Rams

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

NFC East winner


Pittsburgh Steelers