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Giants 17 Seahawks 12: Many Losers from a disgraceful home loss

NFL: New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Oh you think I’m going to have Winners after that shit?

Nope. There is no Winners and Losers today. I’m pissed off. That is by some stretch the worst loss the Seattle Seahawks have had in the Russell Wilson era. Not just because they lost at home to a 5-7 team with a backup quarterback, but because they were lackluster from start to finish and thoroughly deserved to lose. I can handle bad losses to division rivals because that happens to everyone. What I saw on Sunday was something that has me very down on the rest of the season even if they win the NFC West.

Tip of my afro

Jamal Adams

Very clear that his eagerness to go after the QB or the RB can be used against him. The touchdown to Alfred Morris appeared to be on him, and he gave up a huge 3rd down play (in terms of clock, not yards) to Evan Engram. But his value as a pass rusher is unlike anything I’ve ever seen from any other defensive back. He’s also a great tackler. There’s that.

Michael Dickson

An elite punter.

Ryan Neal

Sucks that he might be lost for awhile after being carted off with a hip injury, but he had a big blocked punt to help vault the Seahawks into a surmountable 5-0 lead. He also caused the interception by Quandre Diggs when he hit Evan Engram.

Quandre Diggs

He genuinely looked like Earl Thomas out there. His closing speed to the ball is special and he now has his career high with four interceptions.

Jordyn Brooks

Wowed by both his run and pass defense today. I’m liking his recent performances.

DJ Reed

Played well as RCB and should be the permanent #1 option on punt and kick returns. David Moore is far too indecisive to be a returner.


Pete Carroll

He punted from the Giants’ 37. Or rather he took a delay of game and opted not to kick a 54-yard field goal with Jason Myers. Or go for it. The state of the offense today tells me kicking the field goal would not have been indefensible. But punting is pathetic. I swear he got scared off because of the 4th down failures and insisted on Peteball. Then he did go for it on 4th down in the 2nd half and, well...

Brian Schottenheimer

I hate hate hate hate this short-yardage offense. Running the ball on 3rd and 2 to the side where you are starting your third-string right tackle. Stuffed. Shocker. 4th and inches and it’s a play-action pass with no realistic options because Carson was lined up in the locker room. Even when the Seahawks were leading the game the pass-run ratio was comical given Carson’s early and tangible success on the ground. And even still, if the Seahawks have no answers for other teams figuring out how to keep two safeties back so they force Seattle into uncomfortable short and simple plays then all Schotty improved this year was his play-call sequencing and nothing else. You have to be able to scheme up easier throws and quicker plays than ones where you are asking your 9th string right tackle to block for five seconds.

Russell Wilson

Not that I care about his MVP chances anymore but this is why he never even gets an MVP vote. Far too often he has really unimpressive if not outright bad stretches of football that are just as lengthy as his red-hot streaks that drum up the MVP interest. Wilson was inaccurate and frankly he could’ve and should’ve had more than just the two turnovers. Terrible indecisiveness, bad sacks taken, and he looks so out of sorts. Screw the MVP, this level of play is screwing with the season.

DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett

Metcalf’s drop didn’t really matter because the Seahawks got a touchdown a few plays later but he still has issues with hands catching and timing his jumps. Tyler Lockett had multiple drops and a fumble. Really just a discombobulated display. If those two aren’t consistent (and especially Lockett, who might not have been the same after that hit to the head in the 1st quarter) then this offense craters.

Chris Carson

The TD doesn’t put him on the good list. His drop (admittedly on a not good pass) led to a pick. He had another drop later in the game and gave up a sack on a brutal blitz pickup attempt of Jabrill Peppers.

Chad Wheeler

Poor dude. Fish out of water replacing Jamarco Jones. You can’t expect a 4th string RT to hold up like that. The whole offensive line struggled but Wheeler looked like he was 200 pounds lighter than whichever Giants pass-rusher lined up against him.

3rd quarter run defense

Yup. That was bad. Rare instance of bad run defense and it gave the Giants their only touchdowns. I can’t really explain it either.

DeeJay Dallas

Get the ball in the end zone on that blocked punt and it’s a whole different ball game. Instead he basically fumbled it and it’s a safety. Cursed oblong shape.

Punt returner David Moore

That experiment needs to end. He leaves yards on the field with his refusal to just step on the gas pedal.

#1 seed hopes

They’re over. The Saints keep on winning with Taysom Hill at quarterback while the Packers are now a game up. Even if Seattle wins the NFC West there will be no first-round bye. Again.

NFC West hopes

They pretty much have no choice but to beat the Rams AND not be a game behind them in the win column at the time of their Week 16 matchup.

Final Notes

  • Gregg Williams better not injure Russell Wilson next week.
  • A little post-publish edit, apparently the wasted timeout by Pete Carroll on the Giants’ field goal was an issue over whether or not they had 12 on the field, in which case it would’ve cost them a first down.
  • I really have nothing left to say. That was a shit performance and while they’ll still make the playoffs I don’t see the optimism for anything beyond the usual divisional round exit, and that’d be a failure in a weak NFC. Perhaps this is part of a “full circle” moment for the Seahawks. Ten years ago they had no franchise QB — Hasselbeck was washed up by this point — and won a bad division and pulled off an incredible playoff upset. Now they have a franchise QB and could very well lose in the playoffs to whomever wins the very bad NFC East. I mean, the 2010 New Orleans Saints lost to Max Hall and the Arizona Cardinals, one of the pivotal defeats that cost them the NFC South. Think about that.