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Jets fire DC Gregg Williams ahead of Seahawks game

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I’m of the opinion that Gregg Williams should have received a lifetime ban from the NFL after the Bountygate scandal in New Orleans. He didn’t and sure enough he became a defensive coordinator again in 2014. As of December 7th, 2020, he’s unemployed due to the fact that he is and has always been an overrated defensive coordinator.

The New York Jets should’ve beaten the Las Vegas Raiders for their first win of the season. They didn’t and ended up losing on a Henry Ruggs touchdown in rather hilarious fashion. As someone who advocates for blitzing more often in potential Hail Mary situations, I did not mean Cover 0 blitzes. Williams loves to have his safeties lined up either 60 yards downfield or to send everyone after the quarterback. He has been predictably ripped for one of the worst defensive calls I’ve ever seen. This almost looks like a deliberate attempt to lose.

It’s 3rd and 10 with :13 left. Seattle Seahawks fans know all too well that the problem with a Cover 0 blitz is that if it doesn’t work you are destined to give up a big play if not a touchdown. Henry Ruggs is one of the fastest receivers in the league. Lamar Jackson (the other Lamar, of course) jumped on a double move for some reason and was burnt to a crisp. Raiders win. Jets stay in the hunt to ruin Trevor Lawrence’s career.

So Jamal Adams gets to play his former team this Sunday but not his former defensive coordinator, who will be bored doing something else other than coaching. Frank Bush gets interim duties in the meantime.

I have been worried that Williams, who repeatedly gave the Seahawks trouble when he was the Rams DC under Jeff Fisher, would try some dirty shit against Russell Wilson. Needless to say I am quite relieved that he’s outta here.