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Seahawks George Fant gives possible hint about future

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

With the NFL’s free agency period set to start just five weeks from Wednesday, many fans of the Seattle Seahawks appear to be ready to see Germain Ifedi sign with another team and get set to be called for false starts start at right for some other franchise. With that in mind, there is no shortage of Hawks fans who seem to hope that George Fant will be retained by the team before hitting free agency. There is a common idea being expressed that Fant could start at right tackle as long as Duane Brown remains the starter at left tackle, with Fant then set to take over once Brown retires.

Well, I’m certain I’ll be accused of reading too much into things, but a Tuesday morning tweet from Fant certainly seems to indicate that he seems to have limited interest in taking over at right tackle.

For those who are unfamiliar on the backstory, Taysom Hill has filled a utility knife role for the New Orleans Saints for the past few years after playing quarterback at BYU. However, he’s been buried on the depth chart bhind both Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater for the Saints, and he’s attempted a total of 13 passes over the course of his NFL career. With those 13 career passes on his resume, Hill has publicly stated that he wants to play quarterback in the NFL, which is not dissimilar from Fant’s public expression of his desire to play left tackle, which he stated emphatically following the end of the 2019 season.

So, at this point it certainly appears that the Hawks could be looking at losing both Ifedi and Fant in free agency. That accentuates the question marks at left guard, where Mike Iupati is also unsigned, and center, where Justin Britt is assumed by many to be a cap casualty, and makes the offensive line a huge question mark heading into 2020.