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FanPulse, 2019 NFL season finale: Are the Chiefs the league’s next dynasty? Not so fast

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-Kansas City Chiefs Champions Parade Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

The final FanPulse of the 2019 NFL season is here, and all we have to talk about is the Super Bowl. You may recall that the San Francisco 49ers lost this game 31-20 to the Kansas City Chiefs, who were down 20-10 with just seven minutes to go before they went on a furious 21-0 stretch to deny San Fran another Lombardi Trophy.

Our first national question asked respondents for their favorite moment from Super Bowl LIV. I honestly think “San Francisco 49ers losing the game” should’ve also been an option, but the runaway top answer was seeing beloved head coach Andy Reid getting that ring he’s so desperately coveted.

Next up, the Chiefs won their first Super Bowl in 50 years. Patrick Mahomes is a league MVP winner and now a Super Bowl MVP. This is the best stretch of football Kansas City has ever had, and it looks like the New England Patriots dynasty may finally be coming to an end. Does that mean the Chiefs are the next dynasty? Will they be perennial Super Bowl contenders with multiple appearances and wins? Ehhhhhhh wait a minute.

The Patriots of the mid-2000s are the last team to repeat as Super Bowl champions. They seem to be the gold standard for dynasties, and apart from them, it seems exceptionally hard in this era of NFL football to become a dynasty. Mahomes is amazing (and on a rookie contract) but injuries, free agency, and just pure randomness can lead to these dynasty proclamations looking real silly. Lest we forget the Baltimore Ravens look to be an emerging power, and maybe that’s your next great AFC rivalry.

Lastly, what’s the best Super Bowl commercial? Well I forgot most of them because they were mostly terrible, but I was partial to Bryan Cranston’s remake of “The Shining” for Mountain Dew. “Other” and Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day” Jeep commercial were the top answers.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s FanPulse, founded by Field Gulls’ own Kenneth Arthur. I think we’ll see this return towards the NFL Draft, which is just over two months away.