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Former agent Joel Corry predicts free agent market for Seahawks Jadeveon Clowney

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It’s been a crazy week across the globe for multiple reasons, and as of writing there is a very real possibility things taking place outside of the football world could result in a delay to the start of the new league year for the NFL which is scheduled for next week. Beyond free agency, the draft and league meetings, both scheduled for later this spring, could be delayed or even cancelled.

That all said, while the league has things under discussion regarding any possible scheduling changes, former NFL agent Joel Corry has weighed in on what the market will be for soon to be free agent Jadeveon Clowney of the Seattle Seahawks.

For those who don’t want to take the time to click on the link and read the article, his prediction is for Clowney to sign a six year, $138M deal which carries an average annual value of $23M. That will certainly be higher than some fans are comfortable with, and it is above the $18M to $20M which the Seahawks have been reported to have set as a maximum.

That price tag might be aggressive, but due to his years of experience as an agent, Corry has a very solid track record in accurately predicting the market. Here are how his predictions from the 2019 free agency period came out.

Joel Corry’s 2019 predictions for free agent contracts versus actual signings

Player Projected Actual
Player Projected Actual
Demarcus Lawrence 6-$132M ($22M) 5-$105M ($21M)
Earl Thomas 4-$56M ($14M) 4-$55M ($13.75M)
Grady Jarrett 5-$85M ($17M) 4-$68M ($17M)
C.J. Mosley 5-$67.5M ($13.5M) 5-$85M ($17M)
Landon Collins 5-$62.5M ($12.5M) 6-$84M ($14M)
Trey Flowers 5-$90M ($18M) 5-$90M ($18M)
Dante Fowler 5-$72.5M ($14.5M) 1-$14M ($14M)
Nick Foles 4-$94M ($23.5M) 4-$88M ($22M)
Le'Veon Bell 5-$77.5M ($15.5M) 4-$52.5M ($13.125M)
Golden Tate 3-$40M ($13.3M) 4-$37.5M ($9.375M)
Trent Brown 4-$63M ($15.75M) 4-$66M ($16.5M)
Rodger Saffold 4-$58M ($14.5M) 4-$44M ($11M)
Matt Paradis 4-$46M ($11.5M) 3-$27M ($9M)
Tyrell Williams 5-$70M ($14M) 4-$44M ($11M)
Robbie Gould 4-$21M ($5.25M) 4-$19M ($4.75M)

Corry certainly missed on a couple of the offensive linemen, but the accuracy of his per year salary predictions for the defensive players cannot be argued. That includes an eerily accurate prediction for the Seahawks top defensive free agent last year, Earl Thomas. Whether Corry’s accuracy will hold again in 2020 remains to be seen, but the answer should come next week, barring any schedule changes from the league.