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2020 NFL Draft to be held as scheduled

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

With much of the United States, as well as other parts of the globe, coming to a standstill to battle the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL has made the decision to hold the 2020 NFL Draft as scheduled, however, without any fan events. The league announced the decision Monday morning, also releasing an official statement on the matter. As of now, the draft will be televised as scheduled.

Thus, while the NBA, NHL, MLS and other sports leagues have been forced into a shutdown, the NFL, thanks to being in the heart of the offseason, is continuing on its normal schedule. What that means in terms of outcomes in the coming weeks and months will obviously remain to be seen. However, what is readily apparent is that the NFL appears ready to continue to keep things business as usual as much as possible in the coming weeks. Whether that is a strategy to show strength as a league and organization, or a last minute attempt to juice ratings with fans and observers stuck at home remains to be seen.

So, that means the Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock, and fans of the Seattle Seahawks should be able to see the team trade down out of the first round once again.