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Houston Texans inexplicably trade DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona Cardinals

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

My brain can barely process the stupidity of the Houston Texans.

It’s one thing when John Schneider can work a deal that sees the Texans give away Jadeveon Clowney to the Seattle Seahawks while still paying almost half his salary, it’s another thing when the Arizona Cardinals swoop in and take advantage of Bill O’Brien’s galaxy-brained general manager decision-making and land DeAndre Hopkins.

The Cardinals have traded for one of the best wide receivers in all of football and while there is more involved than the initial framework suggests, Houston will get potentially washed up running back David Johnson and his $10.2 million base salary and a second-round pick, while Arizona gets DEANDRE HOPKINS and a late-round pick.

The Texans didn’t even get a first-round pick out of this, seeing as they sold off half the city of Houston to get Laremy Tunsil.

Arizona quietly finished 13th in offensive DVOA last season, and that’s with not a lot of great wide receiver talent and an offensive line that was way better in the run game than the passing game. How did that run game get better? While among other schematic changes made my Kliff Kingsbury, they sent David Johnson to the bench and Kenyan Drake proved to be a much better fit, and he got the transition tag on Monday. Houston decided they needed ANOTHER running back in addition to David Johnson, creating the “Johnson and Johnson” backfield.

Kyler Murray now has DeAndre Hopkins in the prime of his career and the Seahawks defense has to see him twice a year for at least the next few seasons.

John Schneider should be on the phone right now figuring out how Seattle can get Houston’s other best non-Deshaun Watson players but for 2023 conditional draft picks and a Dick’s hamburger.