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Quandre Diggs generally roasts players online, but is trying to recruit Jadeveon Clowney

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

If you haven’t seen much of Quandre Diggs’ online, it’s worth looking into. He’s been roasting the entire NFL even before being stuck at home. Tyler Lockett is one of his long-term favorite targets, while Geno Smith has emerged as a recent favorite.

He’s also been the recipient, as DetroitSportsNation came out of nowhere following the release of Snacks Harrison to take shots at Diggs. Of course, Diggs takes nothing laying down and proceeded to make light of the entire situation.

He’s a funny dude, and hands out encouragement to his own teammates as often as he trash talks everyone else. He’s been particularly vocal in support of DK Metcalf, and calls him his little brother.

All that is more or less the norm for athletes on social media, though Diggs is one of the best. What’s far less common, is for players to weigh in on the business side of things on behalf of other players. Besides congratulations on a deal recently signed, these types of input are quite rare.

Which makes Diggs’ plea for Jadeveon Clowney intriguing.

By contrast, Clowney is one of the least active Seahawks stars, on any social media platform. He hasn’t put anything on Twitter since Duane Brown heard about the trade to bring him to Seattle.

Russell Wilson said this offseason that he would like the Seahawks to get more superstars. Not only have they not done that, but Clowney is the biggest playmaker on the Seahawks defense or the remainder of free agency. It’s the deal on which everyone in the PNW has been waiting, including, apparently the players.

The athletes themselves don’t often chime in on things like this, but even Wilson broke his very, very branded character this winter to express what we all know, even if it’s rarely admitted publicly: NFL players want to be surrounded by enough talent to get to the Super Bowl. Right now, deals are being struck, every dollar is being clawed for, and it’s easy to forget that these guys really do want to win.

Unfortunately, we don’t have anything to report, and nobody has any real reason to rush at this point. Clowney’s down to the last couple teams that can afford him, and the teams are apparently not scrambling to get an injury risk with low sack numbers.

Yes, he’s an incredible defender. But sacks earn dollars. At the expense of many GMs.

While we’re waiting, here are some more gems from Quandre Diggs.

Diggs has another two years in Seattle, averaging just over $7 million per year. He’s been a playmaker, leader, encourager, and Clowney recruiter since he got here in one of Schneider’s most underrated trades to date.