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The Seahawks 2020 NFL Draft hats have officially dropped!

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It’s April (believe it or not) and based on what the league has said, the 2020 NFL Draft will go on as scheduled. The 2020 NFL Draft hats have also been released, including for your Seattle Seahawks.

Last year’s hat was a pretty simple “12” logo behind the Seahawks logo. This year, the “We Are 12” slogan is on the side and the Seahawks logo (at least to me) remains at the front. Frankly, I think it looks pretty cool against a black background.

Because this year’s draft will likely be conducted remotely, we won’t be seeing dozens and dozens of players get to put on those hats on the big stage as we’ve become accustomed to over the years. For us, we usually don’t see any rookie putting on the Seahawks hat on day one, but that’s only because John Schneider usually trades out of round one or enters the draft without a first-round pick. In the meantime, you can get one of these hats for yourself or for someone else. Our partners at Fanatics have you covered.