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NFL on CBS moves on from Dan Fouts, eyes FOX analyst Charles Davis

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30th Annual NFL Alumni Player Of The Year Awards Photo by Maury Phillips/WireImage

Even though some of you claim to just mute NFL broadcasts because the announcers are insufferable, there are just as many of you who leave the sound on and then complain about how awful the announcers are.

Free agency may be in swing for actual players, but the same applies to actual television networks. We’re seeing some wheeling and dealing from CBS, who have already locked up Tony Romo for an insane amount of money.

While CBS has made sure Romo will be their #1 analyst, the #2 broadcast team has experienced a shake-up. Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts were known as “The Bird and The Beard” but now “The Beard” is off the team. The New York Post reported that the 68-year-old legendary quarterback, whose contract was up after this past season, won’t be kept by the network. No word on whether this amazing piece of actual analysis was reason enough to look elsewhere.

As Seattle Seahawks fans, we didn’t get too many Fouts games because CBS is the AFC network. However, he was on hand (with Ian Eagle) for what some might say was the launch point for the Seahawks’ rise as legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

CBS intends to replace Fouts with Charles Davis, who’s been a longtime FOX broadcaster (and current Madden NFL cmomentators) and recently part of the #2 team alongside Kevin Burkhardt. We’ve certainly heard his voice on Seahawks games many times over the years, and with his contract also up it looks like he’ll just switch networks.

Of note, Greg Olsen was reportedly targeted as Davis’ potential replacement in the FOX booth, but Olsen opted to sign for one season with the Seahawks. It shouldn’t be ruled out that this won’t just happen in 2021, after Olsen retires with a Super Bowl ring.

Lastly, Drew Brees is not retired from playing just yet, but when he does hang up the clears he’ll be working for NBC. Multiple outlets (including the New York Post) reported this on Friday, and the apparent plan NBC has in mind for the New Orleans Saints great is to have him work Notre Dame games as an analyst, and join the studio team for Football Night in America. Longer-term, Brees is seen as a possible replacement for Cris Collinsworth. A few years down the line, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth may soon be Mike Tirico and Drew Brees.

Meanwhile, ESPN is just sitting there waiting for someone to make Monday Night Football listenable again. No one seems interested. Are you ready for another year of Booger McFarland?!!!