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The Field Gulls 2020 Armchair GM Challenge is here!

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NFL: OCT 03 Rams at Seahawks Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the 2020 NFL Draft just days away, that can mean only one thing - the arrival of the 2020 Field Gulls Armchair GM Challenge has arrived!

For fans who would like to try and predict what the Seattle Seahawks will do during the draft, the opportunity has arrived, and as in years past fans can now predict up to 20 draft eligible players they believe the team will select. Whether the team uses its picks on an L.J. Collier, Rashaad Penny, Malik McDowell or Germain Ifedi, the more fun part than imagining how they will be an instant impact player is being right when predicting what Pete Carroll and John Schneider will do.

For those unfamiliar with how the scoring works for the challenge, each entrant chooses 20 players they believe the Seahawks may select in the draft. Those 20 players are then entered into the entry form in the order in which one believes them to be drafted. For example, the player one believes is most likely to be drafted by Seattle goes in the “30 Point Selection”. If that player is then taken by the team in any of the seven rounds of the draft, the entrant gets 30 points. The process then follows for the remaining 19 selections, with each being worth one less possible point down to the player one believes least likely to be selected by the Seahawks worth 11 points.

Then, at the end of the draft, the entrant with the most points wins. If multiple entrants finish with the same number of points, there are two separate tiebreakers that will be used to decide the victor.

To address one question that always comes up, when it comes to the preferred spelling, the spelling of a player’s name will be considered correct only if it exactly matches the spelling used on So, just as an example, CJ Henderson is spelled without periods, while A.J. Terrell is spelled with periods. This is more important than in years past because the score calculations will be performed by a script that doesn’t care if you were only one letter off in your spelling. Entries using a spelling that is not identical to that used on Draft Scout will not count because I will not be taking the time to manually tabulate the scoring.

However, with the scoring being tabulated by script this year, it should allow for updates to be given on both Friday (if for some strange reason the team actually picks a player on Day 1 on Thursday) and Saturday morning, assuming there are entrants who correctly identified players on Pete and John’s wish list.

So, without wasting any further time, here is the link to the entry form:

NOTE: Only put the player’s first and last name. DO NOT put the player’s position or school, as that will cause the script used for scoring to not count the entry and you will finish with zero points.