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Mason Fine is close enough to Russell Wilson for the Seahawks to be intrigued

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It’s been eight years since the Seattle Seahawks chose Russell Wilson to lead the franchise into run-first glory. It’s been about that long since they hit on a backup quarterback with any intriguing upside, as well.

I give you: Mason Fine, quarterback from North Texas, with all the potential in the world of being a better flier than Alex McGough.

He’s also far more similar to Russell Wilson than any of 2019’s pitiful attempts to validate Geno Smith.

For starters, he’s listed as 5’11”, though he claims to be only 5’10”. Next, he’s got a phenomenal deep ball. He rolls out of the pocket well. Fine is touted as a hard worker and even interviews a bit like Wilson.

He’s less accomplished than Wilson was in college, though just set almost every school record imaginable at North Texas.

Sure, make your judgments, from the beer-stained chair you haven’t left in three weeks.

But the numbers are good. He left this season as UNT’s career leader in passing yards (12,505), passing touchdowns (93), passing efficiency (140.68), touchdowns responsible for (100) and completions (1,039)

Anyway, the point is this: there are two undeniable truths about Seattle this year.
1) They have Russell Wilson
2) They have far too many holes still to take a quarterback anywhere above trading back into the draft for the final pick, preferably an UDFA

So, if that’s the case, Fine’s the most interesting option. Here’s a side-by-side of Mason Fine and Alex McGough, taken in 2018 by the Seahawks.

Alex McGough, unfortunate enough to be the only QB drafted since Wilson himself. Taken in the 7th round of 2018.

Mason Fine, just some guy from Texas. Not projected to be drafted by most sources.

Seattle has not prioritized a quarterback in seven years; they should absolutely not prioritize one now. But it’s not impossible to do better with their backup options than either McGough or trading a 5th for Brett Hundley.