The final Seahawks seven-round prediction mock draft

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We have looked at a lot of different players that Pete Carroll and John Schneider may be interested in. I even through in one which was based around what I want. Since the draft is almost here, it is time for me to tell you what I think they are going to do. I am sure I will be wrong about every single pick, but it is still a fun exercise.


Big Board Order

I use different big board just about every time. Since this one is more of a deliberate draft instead of random looks, I just used a consolidated big board to make sure that the guys I wanted were going to be available in the general area of that pick.


I don’t think I will be able to possibly project any or all of the trades that John will pull off. I am sure that it is more than the one I have, but…..I think someone will trade back into the end of the 1st to get a QB, probably Jacob Eason. I do the same trade as I have all year, but realized I could get them to tack on another late rounder. In this one we give up 1.27 for 2.12, 3.11 and 6.14


I assume that we sign Clowney. We have signed enough IOL and addressed some DB and WR issues going forward. We haven’t done enough on the DL or at RB though, so you will see what I think we do in the draft.











Pick-by-pick Breakdown:


Measurements: 6-3 303, 33" arms, 10" hands

5.04 40, 21 Bench

A pass rush 3T prospect. He can probably more around and play everywhere along the line wherever the matchup makes the most sense.

NFL-Four-year starter who posted elevated production against the run and pass as a senior. Davidson has been durable and his play consistent, but he fails to really stand out in the shadow of teammate Derrick Brown. The team who drafts him will need to determine how best to utilize him because despite his build, he's most effective when playing outside the tackle. He's athletic enough to work as a base 4-3 end with sub-rush talent, but getting over the hump from good backup to starter might take time.

Draft Network - Marlon Davidson spent some time on the edge at Auburn but his best NFL projection casts him inside as a 3T penetration defender. Davidson is at his best when he's in attack mode and can use his first step quickness to press into gaps. Davidson's block shedding skills are pointed upwards and acclimating to the close quarters combat of an inside role is now a much more realistic proposition. Look for Davidson to enter the NFL as a developmental starter and pass rush specialist early on..



Measurements: 6-3 221, 32.2" arms, 9.6" hands

4.45 40, 20 Bench, 41" Vert, 138" Broad

He is a small school Isaiah Simmons. He is a WILL/SS/FS all in one. He never has to leave the field. If you couldn’t tell I really want this type of player back on the team.

NFL -Safety prospect with compelling size, speed and athletic ability. He has man cover skills. Very willing and able as a tackler, but despite his diverse skill set, his effectiveness can wane when asked to multitask. Chinn is at his best when he's actively engaged and not sitting in space dissecting what comes next. His ball skills and athleticism are strengths that help define his value and teams will need to find ways to put him in position to utilize both without exposing his inconsistent field awareness. He might find a future role as a big nickel or a cover linebacker who can drag tight ends around the field in sub-packages.

Draft Network -Jeremy Chinn has next level athleticism for the back end of a defense and his value in the early downs will be in a traditional Strong Safety role. Chinn's impact in coverage is most effective when he's given shallow areas to roam and break on the ball and he's a potent tackler — he should be a potential 3rd-down sub-package LB who can roam in space. Chinn will need some fine tuning from a football IQ perspective as a small school prospect, but he's got a high ceiling with time to develop.


Seahawks select at R2P32 EDGE BRADLEY ANAE UTAH

Measurements: 6-3 257, 32.2" arms, 10.2" hands

4.93" 40, 1.69 10-yard split, 25 Bench, 31" Vert, 115" Broad, 7.44" 3-cone, 4.43" SS

Some say he is a 5T not a LEO, but Chris Clemons – 6-3 236, 1.72 10-yd split, 4.53 SS, 7.48 3-cone, 18 bench, 35" vert, 9.67’ broad. He projects out athletically and size as a Chris Clemons type player. He might be exactly what they are hoping for in a developing LEO.

NFL - Anae's tape tends to grow on you the more you watch with his revved-up motor and salty disposition showing up in every game. He's fairly skilled and instinctive as an upfield rusher with a threatening upfield burst and a relatively diverse approach to climbing past tackles. He's not a natural bender or the longest edge defender and he's much better at attacking blockers than defending his territory against the run. He has the size, hands and strength to play standing or with a hand down, but may have a better chance of becoming a starter as a rush linebacker in a 3-4.

Draft Network - Bradlee Anae serves as a high motor defender who will slot well into an odd front defense as a stand up outside linebacker. Anae is fairly developed as a pass rusher and has been successfully exposed to multiple alignments to help place him in disruptive roles. There are some leverage issues present that will flare up in his game but Anae should be considered a potential starter at the next level with his developed hands, high effort and pro caliber build and athleticism.


Seahawks select at R3P11 RB ZACK MOSS UTAH

Measurements: 5-9 223, 31.25" arms, 9.25" hands

4.65" 40, 19 Bench, 33" Vert, 4.37 SS

I hope they wait this long to take a back, but they may jump the gun and get one earlier. Click here for a great breakdown by Alistair.

NFL - Watching Moss' game tape is like watching an exercise in controlled violence on just about every carry, but his vision, balance, patience and wiggle are additional skills that help to make him a well-rounded runner. Personnel evaluators for NFL teams say there is wear and tear that could limit the length of his career. He needs to become more discerning with his physical challenges if he wants to see a second contract. He is a great fit for gap and inside, zone-heavy rushing attacks and could become an effective starter as a middle-round pick.

Draft Network -Zack Moss has the potential to serve as a high end feature back at the NFL level. Moss' skill set projects best into an inside zone system, where his one cut ability and burst through gaps will allow him to diagnose the POA before bursting into space. Moss possesses viable 3rd down skills as a pass protector and check down receiver as well. Despite not having the best athletic profile in the class, Moss offers a complete skill set and should find success early in the pros.



Measurements: 6-3 212, 32.25" arms, 9.5" hands

High ceiling, big target that is falling due to a training injury and the current situation. He is a prototype bad ass Hawks’ style WR.

NFL -Consistently productive, four-year starter with size to fight for tight-window throws and speed to challenge over the top. Edwards is capable of eluding press for quick releases into routes and strong enough to fight back against grabby coverage at the top of the route. His quick acceleration creates early vertical windows for quarterbacks, but he needs to get better at bodying up and controlling the 50/50 catch space. While he should be able to polish up his route-running, the hands may always be hit or miss. He's a projectable "HWS" (height-weight-speed) prospect with WR2/WR3 potential.

Draft Network –Bryan Edwards projects as a strong candidate to serve as a complimentary starter at the NFL level. Edwards may be best off as a "big slot" target, he frequently won his routes from the slot as a middle of the field receiver and struggled most with separation when trying to press and sell vertically on the boundary. Edwards shows some strong nuance to aid his route running ability and has physically dominant tendencies at the catch point. If he can sure up his hands, his ceiling grows.



Measurements: 5-11 191, 32.25" arms, 9.6" hands

4.44 40, 22 Bench, 39.5" Vert, 133: Broad, 7.14" 3-cone, 4.28" SS

A short but long prototype CB for Pete to mold.

NFL-He's a little slender and his speed is average, but Vildor possesses good athletic ability with the man cover talent to stay near his target. He does a nice job of challenging throws effectively when he's in position thanks to his length and timing, but he'll need to improve his route recognition and anticipation as a pro. He can be too passive and ineffective as a tackler, which will be a non-starter for certain NFL teams. Vildor has the ability to challenge for a CB4/CB5 spot for man-cover defenses.

Draft Network - Georgia Southern cornerback Kindle Vildor enters the NFL after starting for two seasons in college. His first year starting in 2018 revealed a much more exciting prospect than the one who struggled in 2019. Vildor is a physical and aggressive football player that plays with good balance. His best moments on tape come when he gets a chance to trigger and attack downhill while he is notably stronger in zone coverage than man. Vildor must become a more consistent tackler and his inconsistent pattern matching skills present challenges when forecasting him to a slot role in the NFL. Kildor will likely need to play in a zone-heavy scheme to take advantage of his strengths and mask his deficiencies but his upside as a starter is low.



Measurements: 6-1 243, 32.6" arms, 10.5" hands

4.46" 40, 21 Bench, 39.5" Vert, 136" Broad, 7.08" 3-Cone, 4.3" SS

Freak athlete and super high ceiling LB. Probably a WILL for us in the future.

NFL- Gay has experience lining up in a variety of linebacker roles, but might not have the feel to play in the middle on the next level. He's hard to miss on the field with his flailing arms and energetic playing style. He's a healthy hitter once he squares and attacks ball-carriers. He lacks instincts and angles to mirror ball-carriers from the gaps to the flanks, but he does a nice job of sticking and finishing when he's in position. His play speed and athleticism appear to be average and he has some zone cover talent. Carving out a defined role will be important if he is to make an NFL roster.

Draft Network - Willie Gay Jr. is an athletic defender who would be best served in a space role to scrape and flow to the football. His explosiveness and tackle radius is evident on tape, but his processing power and consistency in reading his keys is something that needs to be honed before he's handed a role as a MIKE linebacker or given significant reps. With an impressive physical profile, Gay Jr. deserves the chance to be coached up (just 6 starts) and with higher play recognition could be an NFL starter.



Measurements: 6-2 297, 32.6" arms, 10" hands

5.05" 40, 29 Bench, 29" Vert, 118" Broad, 7.89" 3-Cone, 4.51" SS

A lunch pail rotational DT who will contribute on the DL from day one.

NFL- Early into his evaluation, it's hard to get past the tight lower body that restricts his upfield and lateral strides with his feet barely leaving the ground. As the tape rolls on, it's impossible not to notice his motor and that he's always around the ball and rarely on the ground. Murchison has the ability to battle through blocks and come out well-oriented and ready to make plays. He's quick to process and respond, but doesn't have great closing burst and lateral agility. He thrives in smaller spaces with less ground to cover and should become a good rotational three-technique for a 4-3 defense.

Draft Network -Larrell Murchison projects as a potential 5T or 3T defender at the next level. Murchison is a cleaner projection to play the 3T, as he's got excellent gap penetration skills and active hands to try to play off of contact. His short area quickness and and lateral mobility would be effective as well, but Murchison's anchor and lower body strength are restrictive to any role and he'll need to develop cleaner hand fits and better lower body power to ensure he holds the POA with more consistency.


Seahawks select at R6P35 OT TREY ADAMS WASHINGTON

Measurements: 6-8 318, 34.4" arms, 9.8" hands

5.6" 40, 24.5" Vert, 92" Broad

He was a top 10 prospect before injuries limited him. If he is right then this is one of the greatest draft values ever. If he never gets right then you didn’t risk much at all.

NFL- After watching his 2016 tape in the summer of 2017, I came away believing Adams might be the most talented young tackle in college football. However, a 2017 ACL tear and 2018 back injury have taken several points away from his athletic rating. His pass sets look pretty and he still possesses adequate movement talent, but his struggles to withstand force against his edge as a run blocker and pass protector should be a red flag for most offensive line coaches. Gathering medical info and determining recovery potential will be critical in projecting his pro prospects. He has talent at a priority position, but if he doesn't get stronger and play much better than his 2019 tape, it will be hard for him to keep a starting job for long.

Draft Network -Trey Adams is a bit of a high risk, high reward prospect. His college career has been littered with significant injures -- but if you can get past the durability issues, Adams brings requisite length, initial quickness and power at the point of attack to be a productive left tackle at the NFL level. Adams' issues in lateral situations and in deep pass sets suggest he's more favorable for a WCO offense and utilized in inside zone or gap/power rushing concepts. Potential starter at NFL level.