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Seahawks have moved on from Jadeveon Clowney

NFL: DEC 08 Seahawks at Rams Photo by Kevin Reece/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s just one more day until the 2020 NFL Draft gets underway, even if the Seattle Seahawks may not select a player until Friday if they stay true to their trend. Whether or not Pete Carroll and John Schneider actually use their first round pick on Thursday evening or not, fans will certainly be upset if the team does not do something substantial regarding its pass rush.

So, while fans continue to hope that the Seahawks will bring back Jadeveon Clowney, it’s appearing more and more like he will not return to Seattle, especially in light of what John Schneider had to say to the media on the subject Tuesday.

Basically, the door’s not closed on Clowney, but the team has taken the steps necessary to move on as if he won’t be returning. Bruce Irvin, Benson Mayowa and Branden Jackson certainly won’t replace Clowney in full, but they appear to be pieces of the puzzle going forward. Clowney departing would be in line with much of the national thinking on the matter, as Diana Russini of ESPN reported in recent days.

In short, the Seahawks still need pass rush and Clowney remains unsigned. However, at this point it appears as though both sides may have decided to move on. That likely means the addition of a youngster or two through the draft later this week, along with the potential addition of a late free agent, such as Ziggy Ansah, Jabaal Sheard, Clay Matthews, Terrell Suggs or any of the other pass rushers who remain available.