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I’m just here so you will be fine: Marshawn Lynch hands out masks in Oakland

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles
before social distancing

At a time when a not-entirely-pleasant debate rages on nationwide about who should be open for business and where all the protective masks have gone, Seattle Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch settles the discussion once and for all: it’s him, he’s the essential worker, and he has exactly what you need.

In the clip, whose only flaw is its cruel brevity, Mask-on Lynch does his best to observe proper social distancing, and puts to use his well-honed skill of driving a cart to much acclaim. Surely with more footage, you’d hear him offering helpful tips like “blue side out.” Or better yet, “I’m just here so you will be fine.”

Former Raiders CEO Amy Trask weighed in on Twitter:

Lynch, of course, is well known and celebrated for his community involvement in Oakland, and his love for the city where he was born, raised, and attended college.

Yeah. Thanks for masking.