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Get to know the newest addition to the Seahawks, LB Jordyn Brooks

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Plenty of interesting things happened in the 2020 NFL virtual draft. Interesting in this case is usually surprising, and surprising is usually bad. One hoped it wouldn’t involve the Seattle Seahawks.

It did.

As evidenced by the predominate reaction online (“who the...”), average fans may not be very aware of Jordyn Brooks.

Linebacker Jordyn Brooks from Texas Tech represents the first time the Seahawks have not bargained their first round pick since selecting James Carpenter with the 25th pick in 2011.

Brooks is also a sure-fire representation of what someone who could have been picked after the first round, but the Seahawks are as complicated on draft day as this sentence is a run-on.

Therefore, some insight is necessary, and Brooks has two fine highlight reels available.

Here’s the first, from the 2019 season. He finished the year with 108 total tackles, including 20 for a loss. If that sounds like a bunch it’s because it is: Brooks finished tied for third in the NCAA with that mark.

For those who would like to jump back another year to 2018, enjoy this one as well.

Seattle has three more selections Friday, with several players heavily mocked to the Seahawks still available. D’Andre Swift, Jonathan Taylor, and Yetur-Gross Matos are notable names on that list.