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Seahawks fan solves Pete Carroll’s Day 1 draft clues

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NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

This is pretty cool.

As many Seattle Seahawks fans know, coach Pete Carroll has been dropping hints about their first pick for 11 straight years.

Last year Carroll kicked things off by playing Lean on Me on the piano.

This year was a video clip from the movie 1917, and somebody actually called it ahead of time.

Awesome. Lucky? Maybe, but calling Jordyn Brooks was the mathematical equivalent of getting your NCAA bracket perfect to the Sweet 16.

The overwhelming majority of votes were for a running back because, well obviously, the human male above is running, which is an athletic maneuver that is only performed by.....running backs? Of those, the consensus was Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin. One individual thought “trenches” might be a more appropriate guess.

After that, the popular thought was that Seattle was going to run away from the first round.

The fact that the style of running is reminiscent of Jordyn Brooks’ style of play is pretty cool, and it’s crazy rare that anybody figures out these Pete Draft Clues, let alone after the first one. Carroll said that nobody figured out L.J. Collier last year or Rashaad Penny the year before.