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The Field Gulls Armchair GM standings heading into Day 3

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The first three rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft are in the books, and the Seattle Seahawks have added several players to do battle up front on both sides of the ball. The team started things off by actually using their first round pick rather than trading down, using pick 1.27 to add Jordyn Brooks out of Texas Tech to the linebacking corps.

Then, on Friday the team traded up into the middle of the second round to select Darrell Taylor our of Tennessee at 2.48. Taylor brings much needed athleticism and pass rush to the defensive line, and likely has the ability to earn a significant number of snaps early in his career.

It wouldn’t be a Seahawks draft without some sort of trade down, however, and that is exactly what Seattle did with the latter of its two second round picks. Trading down with the Carolina Panthers, the Hawks received picks 3.69 and 5.148. The fifth round pick will, of course, come on Saturday, however, with pick 3.69 the team added offensive lineman Damien Lewis out of LSU.

With those selections already made, the standings heading into Day 3 of the draft are as follows:

  1. flyin’ fijian (52)
  2. Joe Exotic’s Eyebrow Ring (44)
  3. sh*talm (43)
  4. mister bunny (36)
  5. FisteeFisterer (35)
  6. Seahawcrates (34)
  7. montanaj (33)
  8. CJ Danger 92 (31)
  9. chatch52 (31)
  10. Garfield (30)

So far, 94 of 298 entrants have correctly guessed at least one of the players Seattle has drafted. Of the three players selected, the number of fans who correctly predicted the selection is as follows:

  • Jordyn Brooks: 7
  • Darrell Taylor: 48
  • Damien Lewis: 48

Good luck to everyone on Day 3.